Frankfurt Finance Summit 2016: Herausforderung Digitalisierung

Der Countdown läuft! Am 12. Mai findet der sechste Frankfurt Finance Summit statt unter dem Motto „On the move – The Future of Finance“. Im Vorfeld der hochkarätigen Konferenz geben drei namhafte Sprecher einen Ausblick auf spannende Themen.

Dr. Lutz R. Raettig, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Frankfurt Main Finance

„It’s a real game changer: We may be talking about tectonic moves or tectonic changes. We are all invited to discuss with prominent practitioners, with central bankers, with politicians, among all is our Finance Minister, Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble. So we are looking forward to go through a very interesting and exciting program with you.“

Carl-Ludwig Thiele, Member of the Executive Board, Deutsche Bundesbank

„Yet, we are at the beginning of a very interesting development. And right now, we are only just beginning to understand its impact on the financial system and the way we bank in the future.“

Roland Boekhout, Chairman of the Management Board, ING-DiBa AG

„Digitalization, the Internet of Everything and Industry 4.0 – they offer massive changes to all kind of industries, including financial services and banking in particular. Massive challenges to move along, but also massive opportunities to offer more convenience services to our customers.“