Frankfurt Main Finance Founds Dialogue Forum FinTech Frankfurt Rhein-Main

Frankfurt Main Finance is working hard to establish Frankfurt as the leading FinTech Centre in Germany and the euro zone. In the process, creating a FinTech Hub in Frankfurt has become a top priority. Such a FinTech Hub would do well to increase the visibility of the FinTech scene in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main region and the advantages it has for young start-ups. There is already broad support from the Financial Community for the developing FinTechs in the region.

“At the initiative of Frankfurt Main Finance and supported by EY, Dialogue Forum FinTech Frankfurt Rhine-Main brings together some 50 public and private institutions as well as numerous FinTech companies. They are united in the goal of establishing an attractive, successful and sustainable FinTech ecosystem in the region,” explains Dr. Lutz Raettig, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Frankfurt Main Finance. “It is quite remarkable how many have joined in supporting this initiative.” The initiative was launched in October 2015 and is scheduled to end in May 2016, before the new FinTech Hub in Frankfurt opens.

FinTech Meetup sets Focus on InsurTech

Excitement around the topic FinTech has taken hold in the Rhine-Main-Neckar Region. This is evidenced not only in the number of emerging companies, but also by the dozens of FinTech events. The range and selection of events are especially diverse in Frankfurt. On March 9th, FinTech FFM organized a MeetUp at Frankfurt’s Goethe University. The event revolved around the theme InsurTech. Attendees met for refreshments sponsored by Frankfurt Main Finance and enjoyed presentations from three terrific speakers.

First, Steffen Glomb, a seasoned expert and CTO of Clark, provided excellent insights on the technical side of InsurTech. Next, the CEO of Allianz Digital Accelerator, Bernd Scharrer presented an overview of the Alliance Accelerator program and what young entrepreneurs could expect from it. In addition, Paul Morgenthaler, Investment Manager at Commerz Ventures, shared his experience as an investor in the area of InsurTech. The expert presentations were followed by three very different pitches from companies from Frankfurt, Berlin and South Korea. Credit Shelf explained their new vision for providing credit to businesses. The Exmedio team presented their product which helps to handle clients’ online profiles should they pass away. Another highlight of the evening, was the presentation from the Finotek, a South Korean start-up which specialises in online and digital identity verification.

Friendly Visits Between China and Hesse

The Hessian Minister of Economics’ trips to China in 2012, 2013 and 2014 were aimed at intensifying mutual relations. They were also pivotal in establishing Frankfurt as a Renminbi hub. Read more

Frankfurt goes Digital: 22% growth in FinTechs in 2015

Rhein-Main-Neckar is Germany’s most dynamic FinTech Region

The FinTech scene continues to gain momentum with entrepreneurs. In 2015, 1.2 billion euros were invested in FinTech companies in Germany where 250 FinTech companies already employ over 13,000 people. Germany has the second largest concentration of FinTechs in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. Leading the charge in Germany are Berlin and the most dynamic region, the Rhine-Main-Neckar Region, whose number of FinTechs rose by 22 percent in 2015 to 56. Read more

Frankfurt Finance Summit 2015

Frankfurt Finance Summit Explores Paths for New Growth in Europe

Under the motto Reality Check – How to Foster Growth in the New Regulatory Environment, central bank governors, regulators, representatives of supervisory authorities, financial policy makers, academics and practitioners will meet for the fifth time in the Financial Centre Frankfurt to discuss questions of financial market regulation and their impact at the Frankfurt Finance Summit. Read more

Frankfurt Finance Summit 2014 Michel Barnier

The State of the Union: Michel Barnier and Danièle Nouy at the Frankfurt Finance Summit

At the Frankfurt Finance Summit, Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, highlighted a fundamental benefit of the banking union in his opening address. “The banking union means that taxpayers are no longer in the front row when banks have to be rescued.” Danièle Nouy, President of the Supervisory Council at the European Central Bank, points to existing challenges on the path to greater financial stability: “the short-term challenge is to strengthen confidence in the banks’ balance sheets.” Read more

Frankfurt Finance Summit 2013 Christine Lagarde

The Future of the Euro: Christine Lagarde and Wolfgang Schäuble at the Frankfurt Finance Summit

The third annual Frankfurt Finance Summit will take place March, 2013 at the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Federal Bank). Attending will be some 170 central bank governors, banking and securities regulators, and representatives of the finance industry from 19 countries to discuss the future of the euro and how regulation and crisis management affect the world’s financial economy. The Summit is in English and will be broadcast live over the Internet at: Read more

FMF sponsors panel discussion at Finanzplatztag 2016

The 9th annual Finanzplatztag (Financial Centre Day) took place on March 3, 2016 in Frankfurt. Held at the German Stock Exchange in the Financial Centre, this year’s the two day conference covered themes including investment, the Financial Centre, and IT and services. Content was based on the extremely positive response to topics from past events and the conference once again served as a key communications platform for the German financial sector as well as Frankfurt as a Financial Centre. Read more

A Global City: people from 180 nations live and work in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is Germany’s leading financial centre and most important financial centre in the euro zone. For centuries, thanks to its location in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt has been Europe’s most important transport hub and one of the most important commercial and trade fair cities. The city has always occupied a leading position in Europe in terms of productivity, research and quality of teaching, making Frankfurt-Rhine-Main one of the most important economic regions in Europe. Read more

Anstoss am Finanzplatz

Kick-off in the Financial Centre: money doesn’t score goals, but top-level football still needs solid finances

On the first day of the football conference Kick-off in the Financial Centre, Dr. Lutz Raettig, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Frankfurt Main Finance, emphasised the close link between Eintracht Frankfurt and the financial centre. “Financial institutions dominate Frankfurt. Similarly, Eintracht, a club rich in tradition, is a giant in Frankfurt – Frankfurt is the leading financial centre in Germany, the Eintracht is the leading football club in the financial centre.” Read more