Month: June 2020

Frankfurt has great chances to become the European Capital of Fintech

Financial Centre, FinTech

A European consortium of universities and FinTechs is working to promote knowledge-sharing between banks, FinTechs, regulators, and...

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Four years after the Brexit referendum – Frankfurt is biggest winner

BREXIT, Press Releases, TOP-NEWS

Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of the Brexit referendum. The United Kingdom is no longer a member of the European Union, and the...

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Negative interest rates. The new normal? – by Hubertus Väth


Abstract: The concept of negative interest rates appears anathema to conventional economic thinking, and it is rarely discussed in economic...

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Oliver Wyman study on the effects of the corona pandemic

COVID-19, News

Source: “The coronavirus pandemic strikes at some of the central features of urban living. The disease has taken...

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