A 360 degrees perspective on Frankfurt and the region

Discover first traces of the Brexit in Frankfurt? Or how about taking a tour of the musical specialties ranging from Mozart to The Doors? Would you like to discover the Main Metropolis from the perspective of a former homeless man? Or would you rather discover the Frankfurt city forest in the context of an Irish Roadbowling experience? What about discovering gossip and love stories, Indian spots, graffiti and street art, espionage and secret societies or the most popular watering holes of Frankfurt?

All of the aforementioned is a mere tiny excerpt of the meanwhile 250 different events offering you, since 2009, a glimpse into Frankfurt organized by the Journal Frankfurt magazine in cooperation with the renowned city guide Christian Setzepfandt. The core question of the program is the following: We’re traveling to foreign countries and far away cities and yet we should ask ourselves what we ourselves really know about our own hometown located at the main? The goal of the extensive program is thus supplying Frankfurt locals with a new perspective on their city and in this context immerse into unknown but appealing locations and ways of living, traditions and the cities culture and take a glimpse behind the curtains of cultural institutions, popular buildings and popular spots of Frankfurt. For tourists and recently settled citizens, the organizers would like to take a focus on crushing persistent preconceptions about Frankfurt as a lifeless commuter town, the red light district and crime by showcasing the multifaceted nature of Frankfurt and offering a close experience of the various neighborhoods, the history, the unexpected, curiosities, scary elements of the city, the fascinating, the romantic and lost treasures.

Aside from the multitude of originally themed city tours in the categories architecture and extraordinary buildings, secret locations, parks and nature, children, families and the elderly, culture, art and city history, parties and red light as well as streets and neighborhoods, the program also includes various workshops taking a special focus on Frankfurt, it’s vicinity and beyond. The program ranges from rather ordinary courses of photography in Frankfurt, acquiring sport techniques and cooking classes of special dishes to extraordinary workshops on Apfelwein (apple cider), airline pilots in the flight simulator, film animation or a course for adults on making your own soap bubbles.

The program by Journal Frankfurt is not limited on the Main Metropolis, however, but rather invites you to discover the surroundings of Frankfurt as well: Starting from touring Offenbach with the topics ranging from weather, industrial change, the Offenbach harbor or migration in Offenbach bringing to light desires as well as existential fears, to a champagne tasting along the mountain route, a meeting with the city beekeeper of Kassel up to workshops on the creative rural cuisine of the Odenwald or a culinary tour of local dishes through the Wetterau.

Early planning of your participation will pay off. Some especially exceptional tours and workshops only take place a few times per year. The price range starts at being free of charge to a participation fee of 89 euro; the average participation fee is about 20 euro per person. An increasing part of the city tours will also be offered in English. You will find an overview of the Journal Frankfurt program right here.