A Global City: people from 180 nations live and work in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is Germany’s leading financial centre and most important financial centre in the euro zone. For centuries, thanks to its location in the heart of Europe, Frankfurt has been Europe’s most important transport hub and one of the most important commercial and trade fair cities. The city has always occupied a leading position in Europe in terms of productivity, research and quality of teaching, making Frankfurt-Rhine-Main one of the most important economic regions in Europe.

Frankfurt am Main ranks amongst the most cosmopolitan and international cities in the world. People from more than 180 nations live and work together peacefully in the Main Metropolis, with more than 26% of the population born outside of Germany. The international community makes an important contribution to the economic strength of the city and makes Frankfurt particularly attractive for international companies. It is no coincidence that 170 foreign banks have offices in the financial centre.

Frankfurt is also home to 100 consulates and diplomatic missions as well as 60 foreign chambers and trade missions. This makes visa and administrative affairs very convenient for foreign citizens and companies in the Financial Centre.

The prosperous Rhine-Main region features a high concentration of successful, forward-thinking companies across all branches of industry, creating huge business potential for both domestic and foreign actors. More than 34,000 companies annually generate a gross domestic product of more than 50 billion euros. This economic power forms the basis for strength of the financial sector, which finances a substantial part of Germany’s foreign trade.

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the largest exchange organisations worldwide. It organises markets characterised by integrity, transparency and safety for investors who invest capital and for companies that raise capital – markets on which professional traders buy and sell equities, derivatives and other financial instruments according to clear rules and under strict supervision. Deutsche Börse Group, with its services and systems, ensures the functioning of these markets and a level playing field for all participants – worldwide. Deutsche Börse has an integrated business model. Its product and service portfolio has a broader basis than other exchange organisations as it covers the entire process chain, from the monitored execution of trading orders, clearing, netting and transaction settlement through to post-trade custody of securities as well as the necessary electronic infrastructure and the provision of market information. Deutsche Börse sets standards with its superior risk management and its innovative collateral management to enable customers to effectively use their capital.

Frankfurt offers a very high quality of living and was even ranked 7th in the world in the annual Mercer Quality of Living Survey. Nestled amongst the skyscrapers in the financial district and the half-timbered houses on the Römer, Frankfurt boasts many wonderful parks and green spaces, trails through the Frankfurt forest or along the river Main and recreation areas in Taunus. An escape the hectic work day is never far away. The city also features world class shopping in the centre as well as weekly farmers markets in its districts. And although Frankfurt’s global importance makes it feel large, you are actually never far from anything. A trip from Ostend to Westend (Frankfurt’s eastern and western district, respectively) is just 20 minutes by bike and 30 minutes on foot!

Photo: Thomas Wolf, www.sehenswertes-frankfurt.de