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Financial Centre Report 2017

Building Bridges – Frankfurt and Europe after Brexit is the title of the current Financial Centre Report from Frankfurt Main Finance. The publication is devoted in its first part to the facets of the Financial Centre Frankfurt, like the  range of attractive academic and educational opportunities and the dynamically growing FinTech ecosystem. Part two of the report analyzes macroeconomic issues and takes a look at the opportunities of the Financial Centre Frankfurt following the British Brexit vote.

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Past editions of the Frankfurt Main Finance Yearbook

jb 2015Mit der Herausforderung, auch in den fortgeschrittenen Volkswirtschaften der Industrienationen “Wachstum” zu schaffen, beschäftigt sich das siebte Jahrbuch von Frankfurt Main Finance. Denn: Viele Faktoren beeinflussen die Wachstumsstärke einer Volkswirtschaft.

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jb 2014Staatlicher Schutz versus eigene Verantwortung: Finanzbranche, -aufsicht und -wissenschaft haben in der Finanzbranche Vertrauen verloren. Der Gesetzgeber reagiert mit immer detaillierterer Regulierung. Das Jahrbuch geht der Frage nach geeigneten Mitteln und richtigem Maß im finanziellen Verbraucherschutz nach.

Das Jahrbuch 2014 jetzt herunterladen


Whether as an economic centre, capital of the euro, world class Financial Centre, Renminbi trade centre, city of academics and culture or first-class business location, the Financial Centre Frankfurt has a lot to offer. All of the important facts about and arguments for the Main Metropolis can be found in the presentation from Frankfurt Main Finance. Clearly presented and always current.

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Annual Report 2015

The richly illustrated brochure in handy pocket book format succinctly and poignantly describes the most important activities and successes in the Financial Centre as well as events from Frankfurt Main Finance in 2014 and 2015. This English language publication is intended for those tasked with choosing an international location for their business, as well as potential and current members, journalists and the general public who may be interested in the work of Frankfurt Main Finance.

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Eschborn for Business

Download the magazine “Eschborn for Business 2019” here:

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