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Frankfurt Main Finance is your contact point for the Frankfurt financial centre. From us, you can receive data, facts and assessments regarding the most important German financial centre – and on Frankfurt’s position in national and global competition. In addition, we can arrange interview partners for you and can make available image material on the association and its representatives.

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Press Releases

the Financial Centre Frankfurt

Citigroup Leads Wave of American Banks Choosing the Financial Centre Frankfurt

American investment bank Citigroup is set to expand their operations in the Financial Centre Frankfurt as a result of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Initial reports indicate the investment bank will relocate several hundred sales and trading jobs to Frankfurt. Frankfurt Main Finance (FMF) welcomes the news and is proud that Citigroup, one of […]

Euro Clearing

Joint Declaration of Frankfurt Main Finance and Paris EUROPLACE on Euro Clearing

The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union and will in all likelihood lose access to the common market. In light of this, Frankfurt Main Finance and Paris EUROPLACE jointly request the concerned European authorities to consider some fundamental principles regarding future oversight of Euro Clearing: Central counterparties are key to managing risk for investors. […]

Financial Centre Frankfurt

Japanese Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group to open two subsidiaries in the Financial Centre Frankfurt

Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc. (SFMG), Japan’s third largest bank, will establish two new subsidiaries in the Financial Centre Frankfurt. The decision was announced Monday, July 03, 2017, by SMFG President and CEO, Takeshi Kunibe. According to the group’s press release, the move will allow them to continue to service EU clients after the United […]

Japanese investment bank Nomura opts for new location in Financial Centre Frankfurt

Another Japanese bank has applied for a banking license in Germany and chosen to base the new business unit in the Financial Centre Frankfurt. Frankfurt Main Finance (FMF) is delighted that with Nomura another Japanese bank has officially decided to come to Frankfurt. “The Japanese banks were precisely the ones, who warned early on about […]

Brexit Negotiations

Frankfurt Main Finance hopeful for constructive Brexit negotiations

With the formal declaration by the United Kingdom’s government to withdraw from the European Union, Brexit has now entered a new and decisive phase. Hubertus Väth, Managing Director of Frankfurt Main Finance e.V. states, “The beginning of the exit negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union are imminent. The negotiating parties are entering […]

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