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Negative interest rates. The new normal? – AFCA Think Tank Working Paper by Hubertus Väth

Abstract: The concept of negative interest rates appears anathema to conventional economic thinking, and it is rarely discussed in economic literature. However, this changed when central banks began cutting their leading interest rates below zero. First in Sweden in 2009 and then in Switzerland, Denmark, the eurozone and Japan. Negative rates became a part of […]

Hubertus Väth: COVID-19 is a global crisis, don’t make it worse by making it a crisis of globalization

An exceptionally long period of growing prosperity seems to be abruptly drawing to an end. Since the 1990s, globalization has lifted hundreds of millions from poverty and led the world to unique prosperity. This was made possible by lowering barriers and opening borders to multi-national enterprises. These enterprises have successfully worked for decades to optimize […]