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Bloomberg wins Energy Risk Asia 2020 Award

Bloomberg has won the Energy Risk Asia award for Commodities Trading Solution of the Year, revealed at Energy Risk Global. The Energy Risk Asia Awards recognize excellence in firms that have contributed positively to energy risk management in the Asian commodities markets.

“The Energy Risk judges were extremely impressed with Bloomberg’s trading solution and it received high acclaim from market participants we spoke to who are using it. As the solution is part of the Bloomberg Terminal, users have seamless access to Bloomberg research and analysis before and after trade execution. It adds efficiency and visibility to the tender process, aids liquidity provision – Bloomberg actively onboards counterparties – provides realtime analysis of hedging programs and creates a full audit of every stage of the trade cycle,” said Stella Farrington, Head of Content, Energy Risk.

Bloomberg’s commodities trading solution (CMET) enables corporations to request, receive and record real-time prices from preferred counterparties. Through a RFQ process, clients can execute and confirm trades and seamlessly integrate details into order management, risk management and back office systems.

Find the full article on Bloomberg and its win of the Energy Risk Asia Award here.

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