Money Museum

Bundesbank’s new Money Museum opens its doors

For a little over two years, the Bundesbank’s Money Museum has been closed to visitors. Following extensive renovation and expansion, it has now reopened. At a ceremony on 16 December 2016, invited guests were able to view first-hand the completely redesigned – and now considerably larger – exhibition. The Money Museum opened its doors to the public on 17 December 2016.

Visitors walking around the museum will visit four themed areas in turn: cash, book money, monetary policy and global money. The cash area will explain payments, discuss the role of banks and give an insight into the new world of banking supervision. Financial stability, which will be presented in the global money section, is another new topic area. One of the highlights of this area will be the “banknote swarm,” a glass wall several square metres in size in which a host of different banknotes from all over the world will be displayed. Visitors will also be able to touch a genuine bar of gold.

The monetary policy area will focus mainly on monetary stability. The showpieces of the Bank’s coin collection will take pride of place in a special money cabinet. Other cabinets branching off from the route of the tour will take visitors on a trip through the history of money. The visitors will learn all about how banking came into being, experience the hyperinflation of the 1920s and delve into the history of central banking in Germany.

In order to convey abstract central banking themes, the exhibition will address visitors’ real-life concerns and relate its artefacts to specific everyday affairs (ATM machine, bank branch, supermarket). Some glass display cases will showcase money-related themes in a manner designed specifically for children (eg a model cash-in-transit vehicle, banknotes with fairy-tale motifs). Interactive media stations (quizzes, memory games, puzzles) convey information about the exhibits in an entertaining way. Experts and interested parties will find more in-depth information at the media stations.

Not only the exhibition rooms are larger

The four themed areas – cash, book money, monetary policy and global money – are arranged around a 360° cinema. The new Money Museum has a total of 1,000 square metres of floor space. It has not only a more spacious vestibule with an information counter but also additional rooms for museum education experiences and special exhibitions. The new coffee shop with an integrated museum shop is much larger as well.

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