Colorful lights and sounds to fight winter’s darkness

During wintertime, parks and gardens often suffer from a drop of visitors; even popular parks like the Frankfurter Palmengarten are no different. To oppose this trend, but mainly to change the winter’s twilight into colorful lights and the area of the Palmengarten into a shining wonderland, the Palmengarten is hosting the exhibition “Winterlichter”.

The main idea of the project is to project light effects, pictures, videos and slides onto trees, plants, and the lawn as well as statues and water surfaces while accompanying everything with music. With this, the peaceful atmosphere of the illuminated park can be thought of as the opposite of the troublesome, lively atmosphere of the city. One of the highlights is the magnificent entrance building of the Palmengarten, whose dome looks like a freshly shaken snow globe while being illuminated. Another one is a colorful, life-sized horde of horses, who gives the Palmengarten a magical appearance.

The concept to use musical light effects in parks as a contrast to hibernal twilight was solely designed by artist Wolfgang Flammersfeld and had to withstand many dissenting votes. In 2006, Flammersfeld could realize his exhibition for the first time at the Dortmunder Westfalenpark, where it will be presented for the twelfth time this year. Thereupon his installations were transferred to the Frankfurter Palmengarten, where the winter lights will be presented for the sixth time now, as well as to Mannheim, Erfurt and Bonn. At the Palmengarten, visitor numbers raised from 1500 in the first year to over 32000 in 2016. Meanwhile, the exhibition was expanded every year, bringing more visitors in with more and more installations.

The overall 17 installations made out of 700 lamps (696 of them being LEDs), four video installations and five projections of slides can be seen every day between 17: and 21:00; a tour around the whole exhibition takes upon one hour. After visiting the exhibition, snacks and mulled wine can be savored at the Café Winterlichter as well as the Café Siesmayer.