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Deutsche Bank Research: Launch of new topic page on AI

Due to the current relevance of the topic, Deutsche Bank Research only recently launched a topic page on “Artificial Intelligence”, which will be regularly updated with reports and analyses on the topic.

"AI will change the world - for better and for worse"

For six months now, the public has been able to test the possibilities of artificial intelligence with ChatGPT. And since then, the debate about AI has gained massive momentum. According to David Folkerts-Landau, this hype is “mostly justified”. Generative AI will change the world for better and for worse – that is his conclusion on Deutsche Bank Research’s new AI microsite on the topic.

AI will transform the labour market, according to Jim Reid, but will have a positive impact in the long term. Adrian Cox first takes a step back and explains how generative AI works in the first place and how to use a chatbot. Readers will also find out what problems companies, regulators and scientists are facing.

The new AI microsite will be regularly supplemented with reports and analyses on the topic. Deutsche Bank Research would like to demonstrate opinion leadership and expertise in this area as well. 

AI Topic Page | Deutsche Bank Research

Here you will find the latest publications. Thematic and corporate research, exciting videos and other contributions on the topic of "Artificial Intelligence".

Source: Deutsche Bank News as of 23 May 2023

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