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PwC: European Private Business Survey 2020

In a recent study, PwC shows that medium-sized companies in the DACH region are reacting resiliently to the Covid-19 crisis.

53 percent of the companies surveyed intend to maintain or expand their growth in the coming 12 months and 67 percent have adjusted their product portfolio as a result of Covid-19. For the European Private Business Survey 2020, PwC surveyed 2,500 companies in 31 European countries shortly before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and 400 again in May and June.

“The fact that the companies in the DACH region have changed course so quickly is largely due to their SME virtues, which have always characterized them: Client focus, fast decision-making and a solid financial position,” comments Uwe Rittmann, member of the Board of Managing Directors of PwC Germany and Head of the Family Businesses and SMEs department, on the results.

All graphics, results and a link to download the study can be found on the PwC homepage (german).

Photo by Diogo Tavares via Unsplash.

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