Financial Centre Focus: bank employment in Frankfurt – no need to panic

As a result of the crisis, a very perceptible consolidation process in the German financial sector is underway. In many banks jobs are being shed to reduce costs. Although the financial centre of Frankfurt will not be able to resist this development completely, there are many factors that should militate against a drastic staff reduction in the local financial sector. As a consequence, it can be assumed that there will be a moderate adjustment process, which will be spread over many years. By the end of 2014, we anticipate that employment in the German financial centre will decline by around 2 % to approximately 73,000 banking staff. That would mean that there will most likely be a loss of around another 1,500 jobs in Frankfurt’s bank towers and that the number of redundancies resulting from the crisis would only just top the 3,000 mark. This shows how well the financial centre of Frankfurt has come through the crisis, in particular when com-pared to other countries. Its significance as the German financial centre and as a European hub of financial supervision is growing. On the flipside of these opportunities for positioning itself in the international competition among financial centres are the risks of overregulation.

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