Strong Financial Centre in the Heart of Europe

Qualified employees, regulatory stability, economic power, innovative strength and excellent infrastructure – the central guarantors of success of the Frankfurt am Main Financial Centre. Here, you can learn all that is worth knowing regarding the German financial metropolis in the heart of Europe.


The financial sector’s top-class events demonstrate the significance of the Financial Centre Frankfurt and its international actors.

Facts & Figures

The Financial Centre Database and indicies regularly compiled by Frankfurt’s universities report on the current condition of the Financial Centre, its development and perspectives for the future.

Financial Centre Issues

Several times a year, Helaba studies and research papers are published which relevant for the Financial Centre. The current study, Financial Centre Frankfurt: Upwards with China examines the long term opportunities for Frankfurt as a Renminbi Hub.


The Financial Centre Frankfurt is also known for excellence in practical teaching and research in the fields of finance and economics. This is further proven by the close relationship between these academic institutions and Frankfurt’s banks, insurance companies and financial services providers.

Eschborn for Business explores an interesting range of topics – Location Magazine 2019

The 2019 edition of the magazine Eschborn for Business has been published. This year’s bilingual magazine, published annually by the Frankfurt Main Finance member, focuses not only on the title topic Pharmacy and Life Science as a growth industry in Eschborn, but also on the changes in the job market. Trainee marketing and the aspirations […]

CFS Index shows a slight overall decline

The CFS Index, which measures the business climate of the German financial sector on a quarterly basis, falls by 0.4 points to 112.4 points. This slight overall decline must be examined in its individual components. The revenue growth of financial institutions developed positively in the first quarter. By contrast, the service providers report a sharp […]

CFS survey on Green Finance

In light of the growing debate over climate change and its consequences, sustainability considerations are also taking on greater importance in the financial sector. Under the headings “Sustainable Finance” or “Green Finance”, numerous initiatives have been launched to address the financial sector’s contribution to attaining climate goals. A recent survey by the Center for Financial […]

Highlighting the importance of a truly integrated financial market in Europe

In May, AFME will be holding its first conference on the topic of supervision and financial integration – here Jacqueline Mills, Managing Director and Head of the AFME office in Frankfurt, explains why AFME decided to expand its footprint in Frankfurt and what topics will be on the agenda of the conference. In February 2017, […]

”Welcome to the German Capital Market“ – new video lecture for capital market professionals from abroad

Deutsche Börse’s Capital Markets Academy announced in a press release that it is offering a new video lecture for bankers and other capital market professionals from abroad. In 150 minutes, the participants are made familiar with the market structures and the legal framework of the German capital market. The international markets share many similarities, nevertheless, […]

For a future-proof financial system as a mainstay for competitiveness and employment in Germany – elements of a policy roadmap

“Germany, Europe and the world face a fundamental transformation, posing a challenge that will need to be mastered by all spheres of policy, business and society. In view of global warming, change is inevitable in order to secure the livelihoods of some ten billion people by the mid-21st century on a sustainable basis. Designing such […]