Strong Financial Centre in the Heart of Europe

Qualified employees, regulatory stability, economic power, innovative strength and excellent infrastructure – the central guarantors of success of the Frankfurt am Main Financial Centre. Here, you can learn all that is worth knowing regarding the German financial metropolis in the heart of Europe.


The financial sector’s top-class events demonstrate the significance of the Financial Centre Frankfurt and its international actors.

Facts & Figures

The Financial Centre Database and indicies regularly compiled by Frankfurt’s universities report on the current condition of the Financial Centre, its development and perspectives for the future.

Financial Centre Issues

Several times a year, Helaba studies and research papers are published which relevant for the Financial Centre. The current study, Financial Centre Frankfurt: Upwards with China examines the long term opportunities for Frankfurt as a Renminbi Hub.


The Financial Centre Frankfurt is also known for excellence in practical teaching and research in the fields of finance and economics. This is further proven by the close relationship between these academic institutions and Frankfurt’s banks, insurance companies and financial services providers.

Stock market breakfast

Stock market breakfast on the trading floor with Burkhard Balz, Board Member of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The stock market breakfast on the trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has become a unique communication platform for financial market players. The event series aims at strengthening relations between all participants by facilitating an informal exchange. Keynote speaker Burkhard Balz, Board Member of the Deutsche Bundesbank, emphasised this in his speech Economic Education […]

CFS-Index takes a clear downturn

The CFS Index, which measures the business climate of the German financial sector on a quarterly basis, falls by 4.5 points to 113.9 points in the third quarter of 2018. The significant decline is primarily due to weaker growth in earnings and employee numbers among service providers as well as slower growth in revenues and investment volume […]

CFS survey: Artificial intelligence will be one of the core topics of the financial industry in the future

CFS survey: Artificial intelligence will be one of the core topics of the financial industry in the future – More initiatives to inform and educate the public would be beneficial The German government has decided to invest three billion euros in the funding of artificial intelligence (AI) by 2025. There are also talks planned with […]

Eurex Clearing to expand Partnership Program to Repo and Foreign Exchange

Eurex Clearing plans to expand its Partnership Program to cover the repo and OTC foreign exchange (OTC FX) segments. The design of the program extension is complementary to the OTC interest rate derivatives segment, which started in January 2018. As part of its partnership program Eurex Clearing shares governance and economics with the most active […]

Webniar Moving to Frankfurt

Moving to Frankfurt – What Germany’s financial capital has to offer

If you or your company are thinking about moving to Frankfurt, you surely have a number of questions. Some, of course, concern legal questions, but some others will be of a more practical nature. Practitioners from Dentons in Frankfurt and Hubertus Väth, Managing Director of Frankfurt Main Finance, invite you for a webinar to answer […]

Helaba Financial Centre Study: Brexit Banks are packing their Bags

Brexit is looming, and many banks are preparing to relocate their business activities from London to other financial centres. Frankfurt is the favourite in this regard and the list of newcomers to the German banking centre is getting longer and longer. “Brexit banks are gradually packing their bags and many of them will be heading […]