Sustainable Finance

SDG-FinTech Initiative

Sustainability and responsible conduct in the financial industry

About us

The world faces daunting environmental challenges. Increasing pressures on the environment are causing serious damage to ecosystems and threatening the lives of millions of people. Widespread consensus for action has been reached. Many top-down approaches, such as the promotion of green energy and green finance, have proven very effective.

At the same time, there is a growing understanding that these top-down approaches must be complemented by bottom-up approaches. Emerging digital technologies are opening a unique opportunity for such bottom-up approaches. New business models and bold entrepreneurs use these technologies to address sustainability challenges at home and abroad.

The “SDG FinTech-Initiative” was founded by Start-ups from Frankfurt and Frankfurt Main Finance to bridge the gap between the top-down approaches by politics and big corporates and innovative bottom-up approaches from Start-ups in the field of the internationally agreed development goals.

Our aims
  • serve as a single point of contact for corporates, politics, research institutions, NGOs and development organizations seeking co-operations with Start-ups committed to the SDGs
  • foster the exchange of knowledge between the Start-ups themselves with a special emphasis on knowhow-transfer between Start-ups in developed and developing markets
  • establish and strengthen links between SDG Start-ups and the players in development and development finance
  • foster legal harmonization in the EU (Capital Market Union)

The initiative is open to all start-ups whose corporate mission is directly linked to advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and all other interested parties – whether business, politics, NGOs or development organizations.