Frankfurt Main Finance introduces new Fintech Membership

On October 5, 2016, the general assembly of Frankfurt Main Finance passed a resolution to introduce a new membership for FinTech companies. This creates a third membership level in addition to the existing levels of Regular Member and Sustaining Member. FinTech Members can be FinTech companies from all over Germany which fulfil certain criteria. Potential FinTech Members should have no more than 50 employees and the company should be younger than five years old. FinTech Members can participate in General Assembly meetings but are not entitled to vote. They will receive regular updates on the association’s activities and work. Dues for the FinTech Membership are 500 Euros annually for the first three years.

Frankfurt Main Finance’s first FinTech Member is Peermatch Management GmbH, a subsidiary of the Amsterdam FinTech, Peermatch B.V., located in Frankfurt am Main. The basic idea behind Peermatch is to transform mortgage lending so that every market participant enjoys a maximum degree of mobility and always stays in control. The Peermatch ecosystem is put together to conduct mortgage lending under the different legal regimes in the European market.