FMF sponsors panel discussion at Finanzplatztag 2016

The 9th annual Finanzplatztag (Financial Centre Day) took place on March 3, 2016 in Frankfurt. Held at the German Stock Exchange in the Financial Centre, this year’s the two day conference covered themes including investment, the Financial Centre, and IT and services. Content was based on the extremely positive response to topics from past events and the conference once again served as a key communications platform for the German financial sector as well as Frankfurt as a Financial Centre.

The variety of topics alone, made this year’s Finanzplatztag to a great place for people from various branches to meet and exchange. The event was, more than others, able to provide insights into the entire process chain, from the issuer to the service provider up to the investor.

The event proved to be an optimal venue for Frankfurt Main Finance to further its mission as an advocate for the financial centre. The interest group’s managing director, Hubertus Väth, led a panel discussion on the future of FinTechs in Germany, specifically in Frankfurt. Part of the panel discussion was based around the results of a recently published study commissioned by Frankfurt Main Finance and conducted by EY Germany. Later, attendees were keen to further discuss the study at the Frankfurt Main Finance exhibition stand.

In addition to the major topics of the event, like the State of Hesse’s agenda of for the financial centre, the Capital Markets Union and financial regulation, the 9th Finanzplatztag explored current trends and the impact of new legal regulations on the finance sector. These interesting and in depth discussions facilitated exchange between participants on their practical experiences with current topics and challenges. Case studies, presentations and roadmaps from different corners of the finance industry made the 9th annual Finanzplatztag an especially rewarding event for all in attendance.