Fostering Franco-German dialogue at the Financial Centre Frankfurt

Amid an unbeknownst Brexit outcome, cooperation between Financial Centres in continental Europe is essential in tackling the challenges of European integration. On December 10th, L’Agefi, one of the leading French press groups, will host the European Investors Day at the Financial Centre Frankfurt to facilitate the debate amongst the German and French financial industry. The following aspects will be part of the agenda

  • The future of monetary policy: is a stronger consensus possible under Lagarde’s presidency?
  • What role will the Franco-German relationship play in sustainable finance?
  • Is infrastructure investment the key to future growth?

We discussed the event with Philippe Mudry, L’Agefi, in an interview.

What role does the Franco-German relationship play in fostering cooperation in the continental European financial sector?

If and under which circumstances the UK will be leaving the European Union is still unknown. However, the continental European financial sector is already engaged in the process of transition. It knows that it will have to draw on its own resources to overcome the current difficulties to reassert itself on the world stage. And once again, as soon as it comes to thinking about and building the future of Europe, Germany and France stand shoulder to shoulder, partners and competitors at the same time, in a dialogue with their European partners. True to its tradition and convictions, L’Agefi wants to facilitate this debate.

 Why did L’Agefi decided to establish a new event in Europe?

On the 10th of December 2019, we will be holding the second European Investors Day (EID) at the Financial Centre Frankfurt. The aim of the event – inaugurated in June in Brussels – is to involve all of those who want to foster an integrated investment and finance industry in Europe, and to sketch out a vision for the future of such an industry. A few simple questions will build the basis for discussion: What consensus on monetary policy can be achieved? Can a relaunch of European integration give an impetus for renewing infrastructures in continental Europe, including, of course, the now core issue of tackling the challenges created by global warming in each of the countless dimensions? What role can European financial stakeholders, from institutional investors to portfolio management companies, regulators, politicians, banks, and insurance companies play in contributing to the common goal?

Why did L’Agefi decide to host the event at the Financial Centre Frankfurt?

Being a French media outlet, our decision to host the event at the Financial Centre Frankfurt in the wake of crucial European elections is by no means a coincidence; it reflects our strong belief that the Franco-German dialogue can once again crystallize ideas currently circulating in Europe.  In our opinion, one of the questions that need to be answered to support the financial sector in continental Europe in becoming aware of its full potential is: “Can the Paris-Frankfurt axis assert itself in the field of sustainable finance?” Considering that in 2019, L’Agefi has launched the new English-speaking, Europe-oriented media outlet “Asset News” hosting the EID in Frankfurt seemed to be the best way to participate in the emergence of an integrated finance and investment union European professionals are calling for.


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