“Frankfurt for Beginners” – A tour through Frankfurt with Matthias Arning and Eva Feuchter

“Frankfurt for Beginners” – A tour through Frankfurt with Matthias Arning and Eva Feuchter

The book “Frankfurt für Anfänger”, published in spring 2018, takes its readers on a journey through Frankfurt’s districts, passing along the city’s sights. Author Matthias Arning is a journalist and former chief of the local news section at Frankfurter Rundschau. The Frankfurt guide, published in English and German, contains by illustrations by Eva Feuchter.

Thera are usually two reason for living in Frankfurt:  professional fate or coincidence. The author explains this fact in the books preface as following: “Because who would ever move to Frankfurt by free choice – the way you relocate to Berlin or settle in Munich? People often end up in Frankfurt by chance – or to make money. It tends to start as unromantically as that. However, once they get over the initial shock, most realize: Life in Frankfurt is not just about work, it’s about enjoying a great place”.

“Frankfurt for Beginners” serves as a guideline for living in the metropolis. Frankfurt is no longer believed to be uninhabitable. Over time, the city has developed into a green, family-friendly home to more than 736,000 people – another 25,000 are expected to relocate to the centre within the next two years. The city is considered to be the centre of Europe, with a great network of motorways and Germany’s largest airport – but still is a city with short distances, ideal for cyclists.

The author moved to Frankfurt at a young age. He studied political science at the city and later in Berlin. In this declaration of love, he shows the entire world around the city he grew up in.

The city tour is divided into six chapters: Frankfurt Classics, Landmarks, Small Escapes, Milestones, Fotsam and Jetsam and Views of Frankfurt. In addition to illustrations, historical backgrounds on the individual topics account for the great reading experience.

“You have to get used to it, like you do to your first Handkäs – this Frankfurt specialty also tends to be love at second bite.”

Just like your love for Frankfurt, happiness must be conquered in this city, it doesn’t fall into your lap.

How to get to know the city is upon the reader. Frankfurt for Beginners gives readers the freedom to explore the city as they please – the book does not present a fixed order that should be followed.

In 210 pages, Matthias Arning takes the reader on a unique. Filled with insider tips, localities, landmarks and much more, the book is not only suitable for newcomers, but also for experienced Frankfurters, allowing for the rediscovery of the city.

Book details

Frankfurt for Beginners

210 pages

Edition Frankfurter Ansichten; Edition: 1000 (January 14, 2019)

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-3000616198

Illustration: Eva Feuchter www.evafeuchter.de





Von: Tonia Sanner