Frankfurt is growing: taller

Frankfurt has a lot to offer: in addition to the culinary delights of Apfelwein and Handkäse, it can also boast the only skyline in Germany that can stand up to international comparison. And the city continues to grow tall.

The city on the River Main is getting ready for growth in the wake of the UK’s exit from the European Union (EU). Between 15,000 and 20,000 people could be coming to Frankfurt every year. Indeed, the first few banks have already decided to relocate their European headquarters to Mainhatten. This is because banks outside Europe need a so-called EU Passport to enable them to do business within the EU. If they have a licence in the UK, they can no longer operate in any EU country after the Brexit has been completed.

As a result, office space and living space are both in demand in Frankfurt. 20 new are to be built during the next few years. Around 300,000 square metres of office space are being planned. The intention is that the new buildings should not just impress with their height, but should also captivate through the charm of their architecture. Here’s an overview:

1. Deutsche Bank Area (2021/2022)

Four glass towers with green landscaped terraces on the podium level are to be built by 2022 at the Roßmarkt location that Deutsche Bank has been using for decades as a trading centre. A mixed-use quarter with four high-rise buildings replaces the old buildings: a 228-metre high hotel and office tower, two 120- and 173-metre high residential towers and a 100-metre high office tower. In an architectural competition, the Netherlands firm UN Studio had prevailed against 14 competitors with this design proposal. The first towers are to be finished as early as 2021. The developers Groß & Partner will be starting the demolition this year.

2. Henninger Tower (2017/2018)

Almost finished is one of the most popular of Frankfurt’s landmarks, which has reinvented itself architecturally: the Henninger Tower is one of the winners of the International Iconic Awards 2015 and was acclaimed as an example of “visionary architecture” in the “Architecture/Domestic” category. The new residential high-rise has a height of 140 metres and is higher than the tower built in 1961, which soared up around 120 metres into the sky. The conspicuous barrel-like pod on top of the tower remains preserved. It contains a restaurant with panoramic view along with a viewing platform on the 38th floor. Additional facilities for wining and dining and for shopping are being created in a plinth building next to the Henninger Tower.

3. Tower 90 (2018)

In Frankfurt’s Europaviertel district, opposite the “Grand Tower”, a new tower block with hanging gardens is to rise up on the former Telenorma site by 2018. “Tower 90” is the name that has been given to the 90-metre high building with 28 floors, in which around 212 apartments are being created. The site covering 13,700 square metres will also house a 60-metre hotel tower and an extensive supermarket.

4. Grand Tower (2019)

Looming 172 metres into the Frankfurt sky, Germany’s highest high-rise residential building will soon take its place in the immediate vicinity of the Skyline Plaza. 401 condominium apartments are planned on 47 floors. Penthouse flats with up to 270 square metres will also available in the tower located at the intersection of the Europa-Allee and the Osloer Straße. The luxurious character of the skyscraper will be underscored by a variety of available services. The building shell is scheduled to be ready at the end of 2017, and residents will be able to move in from mid-2019 onwards. The lower floors with the facade’s glass honeycomb structure on the “Skyline Plaza” shopping centre site are already constructed.

5. Porsche Design Tower (2018)

The first European residential high-rise from the luxury and lifestyle brand Porsche Design is to be built in the new development area on the premises of the former freight station (Emser Bridge in the Europaviertel). It is destined to be around 100 metres high and offer fully furnished suites and penthouse apartments in Porsche Design by the end of 2018. It won’t just be striking inside, however: the unusual face of the building is designed to have loggias that jut out like open drawers from the facade.

6. Cascada – Rising Residences (2018)

Construction work on the 60-metre high Cascada – Rising Residences in the Europaviertel has already begun. The base structure of the residential tower is to be built in a C-shape and embrace a central garden. As is the case with the other new residential high-rise projects, a mixture of different apartment sizes and types is also envisaged in this project. The homes will be ready for occupancy as early as 2018.

7. The Marieninsel (2019)

In the heart of Frankfurt’s banking district, directly opposite the twin towers of Deutsche Bank, the so-called Marieninsel is under construction with two new office towers. The 155-metre high Marienturm with around 44,900 square metres of rental space is to be ready for occupancy in early 2019. The 40-metre high Marienforum covering 11,700 square metres is scheduled to be completed in 2018. The interior of the buildings is being conceived by the Milanese designer Patricia Urquiola. The newly created Marienplatz site on the area is to accommodate an appealing spectrum of bars, restaurants and retail outlets.

8. Omniturm (2018)

Life like it is in New York: the new “Omniturm” in the banking district is intended to combine living, hotel offers, cuisine, business, offices and public spaces under one roof with a unique urban flair. The 183-metre high glass skyscraper is planned as an “innovative mixed-use high-rise”. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2018.

9. One Forty West (2020/2021)

The 140-metre high “One Forty West” is being built close to the exhibition grounds, on the site where a former university tower was spectacularly demolished by a controlled explosion a few years ago. A hotel will be moving into the first 15 of the 40 floors, three floors are reserved for service apartments, and up to 300 apartments are to be installed on the upper floors. The topping-out ceremony for the new building is planned for the first quarter of 2019.

10. Axis

Two further new residential towers will already be ready for occupancy at the end of 2017 at the address Europa-Allee 165: the first owners are already living in the 60-metre high “Axis”. The “Praedium”, which is also 60 metres high, is well on its way to completion. The 19 storeys of the building have room for 242 freehold apartments, eight shops, a restaurant and an office area.

11. Drei Schwestern (Three Sisters)

Downtown living: that’s the possibility opened up by the “Three Sisters” high-rises situated directly next to the “MyZeil” shopping centre starting in mid-2020. The heights planned for the three residential towers are 44, 60 and 85 metres. They are designed to contain up to 500 small apartments as well as rentable common dining areas for larger celebrations and social events. In addition, the project is to be given a new name.

12. Winx (2017)

In the middle of this year, the shell construction of the “Winx” office tower is to be finished on the so-called “Maintor-Areal” site next to the Schauspiel Frankfurt theatre. The 110-metre high tower will accommodate offices and restaurants totalling 42,000 square metres. Its location directly on the River Main will offer a fabulous view of the city and river.

13. One (2021)

The 49 floors of the hotel and office tower “One” are to be completed by 2021. The 190-metre high tower, which will rise up in front of the entrance to the Kap Europa congress centre in close proximity to the Tower 185, Pollux and Castor high-rises, will be available for a mixture of hotel and office use.

14. Blue Horizon (2018)

“Blue Horizon” is a new residential tower that will be erected on the site of the former Hesse Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVH) by the end of 2018. The old 19-storey office building is being gutted and will then be reborn as a residential high-rise with 118 apartments and a total area of 9,000 square metres. Four commercial units are to be established on the ground floor. The facade is being designed in a natural sandstone look.

15. Westend Ensemble (2018)

In the prime Westend district of the city, prestigious apartments for owner-occupation are being created by 2018 in the listed building formerly used by the Regional Post Directorate.  The building, which is located directly opposite the exhibition grounds, is being completely gutted and lovingly refurbished with great attention to detail. The Senckenberg Carré, situated next to the historical section of the former “Oberpostdirektion”, will be completely demolished and replaced by a new structure containing rental apartments. The Westend Ensemble will be rounded off by an elegant high-rise with a view over the Frankfurt skyline.

Up-to-date news about these projects can be found at Skyline Atlas.

Picture credits: Groß & Partner