German-British Chamber of Industry & Commerce Webinars

The German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce invites you to a webinar series and online discussions.

It starts with the topic “UK – The Corona-crisis and the impacts on Brexit” on friday, May 15th 2020, 8.00am UK time. Register for webinar:


Other webinar topics include:

  • Foreign business in times of Corona: flashing light on the United Kingdom. (May 18th 2020, 8.30am UK time)
  • Is the new ’normal‘ actually better than the old? (May 20th 2020, 4.00pm UK time)
  • Nothing will ever be the same! What Covid-19 means for your business model. (May 27th 2020, 4.00pm UK time)

Further details are available on:


The events of the German-British Chamber of Industry and Commerce facilitate an exchange of ideas and experiences to help intensify your knowledge of German-British business. Primarily offering a networking platform for members, they often also welcome other business representatives to theirevents.