Peermatch Management GmbH
Reuterweg 40
60323 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: + 49 69 977 82 77 0
VAT-ID: DE284368901
Company register number: HRB 99736 (AG Frankfurt am Main)
Managing director: Dieter Brechmann

Peermatch B.V. is a financial technology company based in Amsterdam.
Peermatch is a European undertaking. Privately funded and bank-independent.
The founding team comprises financial and ICT specialists from The Netherlands and Germany.
The basic idea behind Peermatch is to transform mortgage lending, so that every market participant enjoys a maximum degree of mobility and always stays in control.
The Peermatch ecosystem is put together to conduct mortgage lending under the different legal regimes in the European market.
For the first time possible all market participants can equally enjoy market access: private borrowers can receive mortgage loans at capital market rates (currently available to commercial borrowers only), private loan investors* can access the investment market for unsecuritized loans (currently available to big institutional investors only). Now institutional and other large investors can access investments in single loans collateralized by the safest assets of the market, ‘Residential Real Estate’ (these are loans to creditworthy private individuals secured by first-ranking land charges on residential property).

* Every loan investor has to get accredited to the platform. Natural persons have to meet distinct criteria regarding their income, minimum wealth and investment experience. Please ask one of our specialists about the exact requirements. Loan investors will be thoroughly informed about the risks of their loan investments.