Wolfgang Hartmann

Chairman of the Executive Committee, Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation (FIRM)

Wolfgang Hartmann has devoted the last 16 years of his work to risk management: from 1993 to 2000 as head of the Central Credit Department and from 2000 to 2009 as Director and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of the Commerzbank Gruppe, from which he retired in May 2009, shortly before reaching his 60th birthday.

As a former long-serving member of the Global Risk Management Round Table of the Risk Management Association, Philadelphia (RMA), the G8 Round of CROs of large German banks (which he set up himself), the Initiative Finanzstandort Deutschland (Initiative for Germany as a Financial Centre), where he was head of the working party on financing of medium-sized businesses, the Steering Committee on Regulatory Capital of the IIF, the Financial Service Expert Panel of the European Parliament and the Committee for Risk Policy of the Federal Association of German Banks, he has a multitude of contacts and a great wealth of experience in all aspects of risk management for banks.

He entered the Commerzbank in 1976 and worked there for more than 33 years. From 2000, he was responsible for all aspects of risk as CRO on the board. His period in office coincided with the certification of the internal market risk model and the implementation of Basel II, among other events. A multitude of external seats during his period as director round off his expertise, for example as chair of the board of Commerz Leasing Immobilien and of Commerz Grundbesitz, as acting chair of the board of Pro7Sat1, as a member of the boards of Vaillant AG, Adolf Ahlers AG, Essenhyp AG and Eurohypo AG.

As well as being head of the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and member of the executive committee of Frankfurt Main Finance, Wolfgang Hartmann today acts as co-editor of “Bankpraktiker” and as a member of the council of the accadis University of Bad Homburg. In addition, he is still a member of the board of trustees of the “Gesellschaft der Freunde von Bayreuth” (Society for the Friends of Bayreuth).