Stock market breakfast

Stock market breakfast on the trading floor with Burkhard Balz, Board Member of the Deutsche Bundesbank

The stock market breakfast on the trading floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange has become a unique communication platform for financial market players. The event series aims at strengthening relations between all participants by facilitating an informal exchange. Keynote speaker Burkhard Balz, Board Member of the Deutsche Bundesbank, emphasised this in his speech Economic Education – Challenge and Tasks for Everyone in the Financial Centre at the stock exchange breakfast on Thursday morning. According to Balz, Financial actors at the Financial Centre regularly exchanging ideas is necessary to ensure the success of measures taken.

While December is usually filled with end-of-year-reviews, the recent stock market breakfast focused on the future: Keynote speaker Burkhard Balz highlighted the importance of increasing economic education. The Bundesbank has already provided numerous lectures and materials online. With having organised 400 lectures, the Museum of Money is an integral part of that educational work. The Bundesbank’s position paper “Sharing central bank knowledge” – the Deutsche Bundesbank’s economic education activities“ summarises the core ideas of ​​the Bundesbank’s educational program. The desired outcome of that program are economically aware citizens: people who have the knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes, to manage everyday situations in which economics play a role and have answers to questions concerning economic issues. This applies to personal finances as well as to economic and financial matters at the corporate, national and international level. Additionally, the media bears the responsibility to report on economic issues, said Burkhard Balz in his speech.

The discussion of the stock market breakfast goes beyond the trading floor

By commenting on a Frankfurt Main Finance Tweet concerning the stock market breakfast, Marc Richter, Senior Trader Equities Frankfurt at Baader Bank AG, highlighted another aspect of the debate on economic education: “Likewise, economic education in schools should be of further focus.” A statement Sven Schumann, Director – Head of Section Community Relations & Initiatives of the Deutsche Börse, showed agreement to with a like – the stock exchange breakfast does not only guarantee for an exchange of ideas but also facilitates an (online) discussion.

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