Study the Future: first Bachelor’s programme with concentration in FinTech

Beginning in the winter semester of 2016/17, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management will offer a new concentration, Digital Innovation and FinTech, in their Bachelor’s in Business Administration. The launch partner and initiator of this first of its kind study programme is Germany’s FinTech Group AG, who will provide 50 percent scholarships for 20 outstanding students. In return, students will receive a traineeship with FinTech Group where they can begin to gather practical industry experience.

“These IT driven innovations are creating enormous potential. Here in Frankfurt, this is especially true for FinTechs,” explains Professor Dr. Udo Steffens, President of Frankfurt School. “Now we have created the first degree programme that prepares young people to take advantage of these products and services’ opportunities. FinTech Group has proved to be a competent sparring partner in the development of this programme. The cooperation will absolutely be a benefit for our students.”

The new concentration is the concept of FinTech Group CEO Frank Niehage. He explains, “In order to secure the future of digitalisation in Germany’s financial sector, we will require committed and well educated employees, especially in Frankfurt. Only with them will we be able to realise our growth and market opportunities. We are excited to have found such an excellent partner in Frankfurt School, with whom we were able to efficient and effectively implement the concept for the first FinTech degree programme. Our larger, shared goal is to offer students diverse career perspectives and to invite other companies to participate in this.”

To provide the students even more motivation, FinTech Group plans to offer permanent positions to the top three students in each graduating class. Frankfurt School introduced the new concentration at their biannual recruiting event, Bachelor Day, where FinTech Group was also on present with an information stand.

The bachelor’s programme in Business Administration with a concentration in Digital Innovation and FinTech will last seven semesters and be offered in a three-day model. This means that students will attend lectures for three days of the week and have three days in which to gain work experience. Frankfurt School hopes to be able to pair students with additional companies as interns, work students or trainees. The programme will begin on August 19, 2016 and the application deadline is June 30. Tuition is EUR 6,650 per semester, half of which will be subsidised by FinTech Group.