DVFA monthly question: SVB insolvency – Investment professionals see only low risk of contagion effects

Financial Centre, International, Member

In the current monthly question of the German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management (DVFA), members are asked about the expected effects of the recent bank insolvency.

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DVFA Monthly Survey: Opinion on the use of ChatGPT in the financial industry

Member, TOP-NEWS

In the latest edition of the DVFA monthly question, investment professionals were asked, among other things, how relevant they consider the AI tool ChatGPT to be for their work now and in the future.

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The DVFA is an essential transmission belt

Financial Centre, Member

DVFA board members Müller and Mainert on the implementation of ESG in the investment process and on the job description of investment professionals.

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DVFA Monthly Question on FTX Insolvency and the Reaction on the Capital Markets

Financial Centre, TOP-NEWS

In the December issue of the DVFA Monthly Survey, investment professionals were asked for their assessment of the FTX insolvency, which has shaken confidence in the crypto exchanges. The majority of them do not expect any contagion effects for the traditional capital markets.

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DVFA Monthly Question: No Turnaround on the IPO Market in the Crisis Environment

Financial Centre, Member

DVFA Investment Professionals would like to see regulatory hurdles dismantled and a change in mentality among German investors.

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DVFA Investment Professionals Take a Critical View of Big Government in the Longer Term

Financial Centre, Member, News

The topic of the DVFA monthly question in July was the current geopolitical situation and turning times and what they might mean now.

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DVFA Investment Professionals expect more inflation with less growth

Financial Centre, Member, TOP-NEWS

DVFA Monthly Question: Investment professionals expect more inflation with less growth – significant risk of stagflation or recession.

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DVFA Asset Management Forum

Events, Financial Centre

On 26 October we are one month into the federal election and more than 18 months into the pandemic – what are the implications for asset management?

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DVFA Statement on the EU Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy

Member, Sustainable Finance

The DVFA Sustainable Investing Commission participated in the recent consultation on the EU Renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy....
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DVFA Commission for Corporate Analysis: Wirecard – Anatomy of a Fraud

Financial Centre, FinTech, Member

On Thursday, June 25, 2020, Wirecard became the first member of the DAX benchmark index to file for insolvency. Since then, three questions...
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