Six new members join financial centre initiative Frankfurt Main Finance

The financial centre initiative Frankfurt Main Finance e.V. continues to grow. Bain & Company, Deutscher Fachverlag, Skubch & Company and Oliver Wyman join the ranks of supporting members. Two start-up companies, Compendor and Raisin, have joined the initiative as new FinTech members.

With their membership, representatives from public administration, research institutes, the financial market and financial technology express their commitment to the Financial Centre Frankfurt and their dedication to furthering its national and international significance as well as actively reflecting on matters of current interest to the financial services industry.

The initiative is an especially sought-after conversation partner for Brexit-related matters. Since discussions concerning the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union began in April 2016, Frankfurt Main Finance has reached more than eight billion potential contacts with its messages. Over 1,700 different media in 93 countries have either conducted interviews with representatives of the initiative or published statements and comments released by Frankfurt Main Finance.

“The initiative has been able to convey Frankfurt’s function as a bridge linking the London financial markets with the European Union as an important message internationally,” says Dr. Lutz Raettig, chairman of Frankfurt Main Finance. “Frankfurt Main Finance’s communications highlight the numerous benefits which make the Financial Centre Frankfurt the destination of choice for many financial services companies moving parts of their business out of London.”

At the general meeting, Dr. Raettig thanked Frankfurt Main Finance’s many members and supporters for their commitment and welcomed the new board members. Moving forward, Frank Westhoff will represent the Frankfurt Institute for Risk Management and Regulation on the initiative’s board in lieu of Wolfgang Hartmann. Nick Jue succeeds Roland Boekhout as the representative of ING DiBa. Gerhard Wiesheu will represent Bankhaus Metzler in place of Johannes Reich. Dr. Cornelius Riese will replace Lars Hille as DZ Bank’s representative.

“By assigning their board members, our regular members highlight the significance of the work performed by Frankfurt Main Finance for the Financial Centre. We are thrilled by the great commitment shown by all parties involved who support us with Brexit-related matters as well as the city’s development as a FinTech hub and a renminbi centre,” says Dr. Lutz Raettig.

Baker McKenzie, GFT and Interxion AG will leave the initiative at the end of the year. Accordingly, the association has nearly 50 members engaged in supporting the Financial Centre Frankfurt.