Kunst privat! – Art Collections of Hessian Companies

It is well-known that companies often own representative art collections. But, they rarely are open to public. The two-day event called Kunst privat! Hessian companies show their art, on the 24th and 25th of June 2017, is going to change that. The companies open their doors for tours through their collections. Frankfurt Main Finance members DekaBank, Deutsche Börse, Deutsche Bank, DZ BANK, Helaba and UBS will also open their doors to show their comprehensive collections.

About work and leisure time, social criticism and contemporary art

Since 2003, DekaBank traditionally opens its doors to its collection of contemporary art in occasion of the event Kunst privat!  This comprises nearly 1,400 works of painting, photography, sculpture, installed art and filming.

In the ultra-modern Cube in Eschborn, the Deutsche Börse shows its still quite young art collection: In 1999, it started to build up a collection of contemporary photography and presents these in changing exhibitions. In occasion of the two-day event it also opens up on the weekend and welcomes the visitors to its current exhibition. Work & Leisure is devoted to the two living worlds that shape the human daily life the most: work and leisure.

One of the worlds’ most meaningful collections of drawings and photographs after 1945 is owned by the Deutsche Bank. Under de name Art Works, it regularly opens its doors for a wide audience to visit the works. As also within the scope of Kunst privat!.

The collection of the DZ BANK is focused on photographs. Regularly, it welcomes visitors to survey exhibitions in the in-house ART FOYER at the place of republic and promotes young artists with scholarships. On the 24th and 25th of June, tours through the portfolio of photographic works happen in the DZ BANK tower.

In the MAIN TOWER, Helaba invites people to visit its collection of contemporary art. Besides paintings, photographs, drawings and sculptural works, that includes also numerous extensive artistic wall works locally realized in the MAIN TOWER during the past few years.

UBS creates a symbiosis of architecture and functionality of the opera tower on the one side and of the artworks on the other side. Their whole collection includes impressive 30,000 works of art. At their location in Frankfurt, there are exhibits of German artists. Additionally, with their app Planet Art, UBS campaigns for more education in art: through that, subscribers receive the most important information out of the world of contemporary art.

Besides the introduced ones, nearly 30 further Hessian companies open their houses for a tour through their art collection. From the 24th to 25th of June there will be artworks from different epochs since the renaissance from painting over drawing, photography up to sculpture and installation.

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Registration for the tours begins on the 24th of May 2017.