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The Mission

The Mission is an initiative of FMF member Bain & Company in which young professionals work together with established companies on solutions for a sustainable future.

The challenges of the future are closely related to one term in particular: Sustainability. That’s why Bain & Company, together with Futury, a spin-off of the Werte-Stiftung, PreZero, Deutsche Bank, and Handelsblatt Media Group, founded The Mission initiative in 2019. Over three years, teams of young professionals will work on twelve future issues, including education, mobility, consumption, or green banking. All topics were selected based on the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Five innovation teams consisting of international students and young professionals are formed for each future topic. The three to four members of each team belong to different disciplines. In addition to academic achievements, the selection criteria also include non-academic commitment and the individual motivation of the applicants. Sounds exciting? Visit the Bain & Company website for more information.

Banking - Be Green!

The project round on the topic of banking has already been completed. You can already read about the results of the “Banking – Be Green!” project in the current Handelsblatt trend radar:

You can read about the results of the other project rounds in the respective topic radar, which can be downloaded from the Bain & Company website. The topics include Sports – Be Sustainable!, Waste – Be Circular!, and Work – Be Next!

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