The Rhein-Main-Region celebrates Fasching

Where in Frankfurt and the surrounding areas is carnival being celebrated? On which parades and floats should we not miss out on? We have asked ourselves these questions and compiled a list of tips for the carnival season.

After doing some research, one thing is certain: The Financial Centre Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main area have a lot to offer when it comes to celebrating the foolish season to the fullest extent before Lent begins leading up to Easter. In many places, Fools take control over the cities from Weiberfastnacht on Thursday, 28. February, to Ash Wednesday, 6. March.

Financial Centre Frankfurt

Carnival is a grand festival– no one celebrates it like we do is the motto of this year’s Frankfurt carnival parade 2019: “As in previous years, the parade on Shrove Sunday will inspire both Frankfurters and visitors”, writes Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann in his welcoming address in the current carnival brochure of the Council of Carnival Associations Frankfurt am Main e.V. Where to celebrate after the great parade, which ceremonial sessions are worth experiencing and which balls are particularly traditional can be looked up on You will surely enjoy a visit to the carnival metropolis Mainz, should the events happening at the Financial Centre not be enough for you.


The carnival stronghold Mainz is known throughout Germany for its large and colourful carnival parade. Political topics are often comedically addressed – but also in Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and surrounding areas people dance, laugh and throw confetti until Ash Wednesday.


In the Hessian state capital Wiesbaden, the young Fools take the centre stage on Saturday. The popular children’s festival begins at 10.00 a.m, of which the popular children’s parade starting at 14.11 p.m. is a major part. On Shrive Sunday, the infamous Sunday Parade starts at 13.11 p.m. at the Elsässer Platz and moves through the streets of the state capital. “On Ash Wednesday, 6 March 2019, the festive season comes to an end, and the Fools return the key to town hall to Lord Mayor Sven Gerich,” it says on the city’s website.


In the neighbouring city of Darmstadt and the surrounding areas, the foolish season is widely celebrated. Since 1902, the Carnival Association AHOI cultivates the tradition of carnival in its hometown Gräfenhausen and is convinced that once again, visitors will be satisfied with the carnival festivities happening this year.  In Griesheim, South Hesse, and in proximity to Gräfenhausen, the largest Weiberfastnachtsparty will take place. In Weiterstadt the carnival club Weiterstadt invites visitors to a colorful mixture of carnival festivities, having something to offer for everyone’s taste: children’s session, Kräppelkaffee, Rosenmontagsball, and rag-ball. More carnival celebrations in Darmstadt and surroundings can be found here.