Topic Brexit: Frankfurt Main Finance in the Media

The coming EU referendum in the United Kingdom has been a hot topic in all media channels. A Brexit will have many consequences for the UK and Europe. When it comes to how a Brexit could affect the Financial Centre Frankfurt, Hubertus Väth, Managing Director of Frankfurt Main Finance, is a frequently requested and competent commentator.

Below is a selection of interviews over the past two months regarding Brexit.


Hubertus Väth clearly states, “We do not wish for a Brexit to occur. It would be terrible for Germany, Europe and Great Britain. However, should it come to pass, it would be a clear opportunity for the Financial Centre Frankfurt. We estimate that jobs relocating to Frankfurt could number in the tens of thousands.”

Frankfurt is not only a German Financial Centre, but also a major European hub. The Financial Centre is home to the European Central Bank and is considered the centre of monetary stability in Europe. The exchange platforms and IT systems in Frankfurt are internationally recognized for their reliability and security. Frankfurt is also an important centre for European Financial Supervision, home of the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) and the European Systemic Risk Board. Frankfurt is well-equipped as a stable Financial Centre to embrace those looking for a new base of operations within the Eurozone. Frankfurt stands ready with a high-capacity real estate market as well as an excellent range of service providers, particularly in the areas of accounting, legal, communications and IT. For example, in Frankfurt you will find the DE-CIX internet exchange hub, over which more than 40% of the European internet traffic flows. Compared to the lasting instability in Great Britain, Frankfurt represents openness, stability, capable infrastructure and favourable conditions.