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TQ Accelerator for Digital Finance

TechQuartier is a FinTech hub in Frankfurt that has developed and hosted over 60 startup programs in collaboration with major financial institutions since its founding in 2016. It serves as a platform and physical space for founders and corporate innovators to collaborate, contributing to the overall strength of Frankfurt’s Financial Center.

TechQuartier Launches the TQ Accelerator: Digital Finance, Fostering Innovation in Frankfurt’s FinTech Ecosystem

Frankfurt, May 15, 2024 — At a recent meeting for the Bankenverband Mitte in Frankfurt, Umut Sönmez, State Secretary in the Hessian Ministry of Economics, said, “Given our German mindset, we need to move away from fragmentation. Frankfurt is Germany’s financial hub. Period.” The team at TechQuartier and its partners agree and announce the official launch of the TQ Accelerator: Digital Finance. The Accelerator is a collaborative initiative designed to bridge the gap between innovative startups and established corporates in the financial sector. It is the biggest Accelerator created for FinTech startups and scaleups in Frankfurt. This Accelerator underscores Frankfurt’s growing reputation as a dynamic hub for FinTech innovation and enterprise. TechQuartier is collaborating with a diverse array of partners for this program including Visa, ING Deutschland, Helaba, ALH Gruppe, GFT, neosfer, Deutsche Börse Group, VR Payment, and KPMG. The Deutsche Bundesbank is an Institutional Partner. The Accelerator is also publicly co-funded by Land Hessen. The TQ Accelerator: Digital Finance will run for seven weeks starting on May 28, 2024, and will feature a diverse group of participants from Europe’s most promising startups. From 70 international applications, the TechQuartier team selected 15 startups that come from Germany (Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Köln, Dresden, and Mannheim), France, Finland, Belgium, and Switzerland. The Accelerator is free of charge for all startups.

The Startups

Meet the participating startups set to transform the digital finance landscape through advancements in open and embedded finance, generative AI, cybersecurity and tokenization.

  • fulfin (isarlend GmbH) – Munich, Germany
    fulfin provides solutions to streamline credit processes, making them faster and more adaptable for e-commerce by integrating with bank accounts and digital platforms.
  • Complidata – Leuven, Belgium
    Complidata employs AI to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of data extraction in trade finance operations, functioning as a digital co-pilot.
  • 21X – Frankfurt, Germany
    21X develops a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) market infrastructure that simplifies and accelerates traditional financial transactions through tokenization.
  • Teylor – Zürich, Switzerland
    Teylor offers a unique SME lending platform that automates and digitalizes the lending process to increase accessibility and efficiency.
  • Payin3 – Eindhoven, Netherlands and Frankfurt, Germany
    Payin3 provides a white-label Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) technology stack, allowing financial institutions to offer flexible payment solutions seamlessly.
  • Pigtie – Munich, Germany
    Pigtie introduces a playful approach to financial education and savings for the younger generation through gamified apps and goals.
  • Bankify Pvt Ltd – Helsinki, Finland
    Bankify focuses on digital solutions for banks and financial institutions to innovate services and engage better with millennial customers.
  • Tapline – Frankfurt, Germany
    Tapline is a digital finance platform that enables companies to raise capital against subscription receivables. This means tapping into non-dilutive capital to grow businesses.
  • NYALA -Berlin, Germany
    NYALA offers an infrastructure layer for API and regulatory compliance in the crypto space, enabling seamless crypto operations under a BaFin license.
  • payactive – Dresden, Germany
    payactive enables companies to process recurring payments more efficiently by leveraging open banking technology for seamless transactions.
  • Miss Moneypenny Technologies – Berlin, Germany
    Miss Moneypenny Technologies digitalizes services and products with their Wallet Studio software suite, automating processes from loyalty programs to digital wallets.
  • b1.ai GmbH – Köln, Germany
    b1.ai utilizes AI to analyze financial data, offering insights that help financial institutions make informed decisions and predict customer behavior.
  • Lingua Custodia – Paris, France
    Lingua Custodia applies specialized language technologies to enhance productivity in the financial sector by automating translation processes.
  • PaceUP Invest GmbH – Mannheim, Germany
    PaceUP Invest addresses financial literacy and wealth gaps through B2B and B2C platforms that simplify debt management and investment strategies.
  • Xaver – Köln, Germany
    Xaver offers an AI-driven platform for financial planning and saving, targeting Europeans to better manage and optimize their savings strategies.

“We are excited to launch the TQ Accelerator: Digital Finance program, which represents a unique opportunity to bring together innovators from both the corporate and startup worlds,” said Dr. Sebastian Schäfer, Co-Founder and Managing Director of TechQuartier. “For seven weeks, we will shine the spotlight on innovative solutions, build lasting collaborations, and jointly shape Frankfurt’s financial center of tomorrow.”

Source: Press Release, 15.05.2024

For additional information on the TQ Accelerator: https://techquartier.com/programs/digital-finance-accelerator

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