Unique Concerts at the German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt

The German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt is known for its musical and cultural diversity. No other German festival can present so many unique, cross-cultural performances. True to the festival’s profile, first organized in 1953, the program brings together renowned German and international jazz musicians, for joint performances in one of a kind stage events and outstanding festival projects.

The event’s promoters also enable the young generation of jazz musicians to take a set place within the festival program. In this way, young musicians from Hessen are offered a platform. In the past, major jazz musicians began their careers at the German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt. In addition, the festival is characterized by a mixture of different styles, ranging from classical influences like gospel to modern elements like underground hip-hop and avant-garde jazz.

Through this concept of variety and the encounter between stars and newcomers, national and international artists, traditional influences and modern, experimental elements, the German Jazz Festival is a vehicle for exceptional performances and unique musical experiences.

This year, the festival, organized by Hessischer Rundfunk, takes place in its 48th edition. From October 25 to 29, more than a dozen concerts will take place in the Alte Oper, the Musonturm and the Hessischer Rundfunk. The German Jazz Festival will also be broadcast live on hr2-Kultur and later on hr2-Live Jazz.