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Wiesheu’s insignia

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 5. October 2022, by Hanno Mussler – At Bankhaus Metzler, harmony always reigns and the course is set for the very long term. The latter is certainly true, the former not always. Not only because even in the best of families things sometimes go wrong. Even non-family partners have left the bank, which was founded in 1674, in disputes – and not without reason. Until now, it was part of the Metzler culture that there was no clear formal leader, only an informal primus inter pares. Soon, however, there will be a real board spokesman to succeed Emmerich Müller, Gerhard Wiesheu. The man from Bavaria, who is probably the best Japan expert of his generation, can be expected to represent the bank in the best possible way in the financial centre of Frankfurt. Equipped with the insignia of spokesman of the board of directors, which are also due to Metzler’s transformation from a partner structure into a public limited company, Wiesheu will also receive the necessary formal authority from the supervisory board to lead internally. Even though Wiesheu’s successor, Franz von Metzler, will soon be on the board, Wiesheu is not a transitional candidate. Rather, it shows that the twelfth generation of the von Metzler banking dynasty is being slowly and thoroughly prepared for each step on the path to top management.

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Hanno Mussler (5. October 2022): Wiesheus Insignien, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Unternehmen (Wirtschaft), Page 22

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