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BCG: Reinventing Gender Diversity Programs for a Post-Pandemic World

The in-depth study of the Boston Consulting Group shows that traditional Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs are no longer sufficient to fulfill the needs of female employees in a post-pandemic workplace and reveals how companies should address current challenges instead.

Frauen mit bunten Pullovern legen ihre Hände in der mitte zusammen

Recent surveys have found that only 35% of working mothers say that they are planning to work as they did before the pandemic. Furthermore, more than half of female knowledge workers have said that they are open to looking for a new job in the next year. Therefore, firms need to find new ways to address the breadth and magnitude of today’s challenges. They need to understand women’s motivations and how they make decisions about jobs and careers.

DEI programs have made progress in reaching their original goals, but they need to be far bolder and more ambitious to address the new mandate of the post-COVID-19 environment. In order to understand how to improve them, experts from BCG conducted a survey among US employees to find out what factors influence workplace needs.

To combat the new workforce challenges, companies must reset their focus, objectives, and actions. Firms should consequently not solely focus on representation of women at senior levels, but on creating a motivating working environment for all women across the organization.

More insights, detailed statistics and graphics can be found here.

Source: Boston Consulting Group
Cover Image: Unsplash

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