"Food for Thought" Online Events

Since 2014, Frankfurt Main Finance has been holding lecture events in loose succession under the title “Financial Centre Breakfast”. Top-class speakers comment on current topics of the financial centre from an international perspective. In addition to interesting insights, the audience is offered an extensive breakfast and the opportunity for a lively exchange of ideas in the community.

During the contact restrictions due to the coronavirus, the tradition of the financial centre breakfasts will be continued by the online event series “Food for thought” – virtual delicacies, nutritious, tasty and digestible. The transmission of image and sound offers vivid impressions and the opportunity for a lively dialogue. The breakfasts and webinars are organized jointly with the Association of Foreign Banks in Germany.

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with Che Sidanius, Refinitiv’s Global Head of Financial Crime & Industry Affairs, discussing financial crime in the wake of Frankfurt’s bid to host AMLA.

Food For Thought - Topics 2020 - 2023

Events of our members and partners

Our members regularly offer attractive events on topics related to the financial center. Furthermore, Frankfurt Main Finance is involved as a partner in interesting events at the financial center. If you are interested, please use the websites of the organizers mentioned above for further information or direct registration.

12 June: Presidential Lecutre: The European capital market and its significance for Deutsche Börse's strategy

The CFS Presidential Lectures are a series of lectures under the patronage of our President, Professor Dr Axel A. Weber. In this face-to-face event at Goethe University Frankfurt, Dr Theodor Weimer, Chairman of the Executive Board, Deutsche Börse AG will talk about the European capital market and its importance for Deutsche Börse's strategy. The event will take place from 17.15 - 18.30.

12 & 13 June: DIGISUSTAIN Sustainable Finance Conference

The financial sector plays a crucial role when it comes to change, acting as a global enabler for industry change. Inflation, the ECB interest rate adjustment and the evolution of accounting standards are just a few of the many examples that will shape our financial industry in the coming years. Join us as decision-makers from key industries come together to discuss how we can master cross-industry transformation.

13 June: DVFA Capital Markets Forum

Under the title "Paths to Growth", the DVFA e.V. event will highlight and discuss the challenges and opportunities for Germany on the path to an ecological-social market economy. The first edition of this event includes high-calibre speakers who will cover the broad spectrum of capital market topics in detail in keynotes and panel discussions. The event will be moderated by FMF Managing Director Hubertus Väth and can be followed not only on site but also online via a livestream. Register now!

13 June: Virtual Roundtable on "(Corporate) Venture Capital in China as a Tool for Driving Innovation"

Robby Xu, Senior Vice President Marketing at MojiaBio, and former MD Richland Capital and Head of Open Innovation & CVC, APAC at Covestro, and Yang Zhong, Head of Asia Open Innovation at British American Tobacco, will talk about the venture capital industry in China. As always participation is free and only requires you to register via SGC’s webpage.

15 June: Corporate Governance Conference: Drivers or Driven?

On 15 June 2023, the Corporate Governance Institute (CGI) of the Frankfurt School will host the next major annual conference "Drivers or Driven? The role of companies, investors and regulators in the green transformation".

15 June: CRIF Mobility Event

This year we will focus on the topics of digital processes, ESG, Metaverse, early warning systems in in times of crisis and ID Wallet. Of course, networking will not will not be neglected. Register now atmarketing.de@crif.com. Participation is free of charge.

15 June: CFS Lecture: 60 Years of the Elysee Treaty: Will Germany and France succeed in saving the social market economy and making us happier?

The latest news on energy and pension policy and on relations between Europe and China show how far apart Germany and France are. There are manifold challenges for which both states must find common positions: How to maintain the European financial system in competition with American banks and fund providers, to stop the de-industrialisation in Europe, to develop a clear position vis-à-vis US foreign trade policy and to find answers to the challenge of migration policy? Christophe Braouet, President of the Franco-German Society Frankfurt, discusses these and other questions of Franco-German cooperation in his book "Germany and France can do it" - and on 15 June from 5.30-6.30 pm at the House of Finance!

22 June: Banks and financial markets under permanent stress: In search of the "new normality"

The event organised by the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Aktionskreis Stabiles Geld (Stable Money Action Group) will address the new monetary policy framework, discuss important financial stability policy aspects as well as the need for action and the options available to the various players in the financial world. The conference with high-profile speakers will take place from 2.00 to 5.30 p.m. at the Deutsche Bundesbank's head office.

27 June: Sustainability Forum

In this forum, we will look at the most important sustainability topics for the financial industry from different angles - starting with cost efficiency & productivity, the topic of sustainable business models and trends in the market, and ending with access to the financial markets and investors. Before and after the impulses, there will be many opportunities to exchange ideas and network in a relaxed atmosphere. Take the opportunity to meet sustainability experts, make valuable contacts and discover the latest sustainability trends. You can register for the face-to-face event free of charge at the link. Please note that this event will be held in German.

28 June: CFS Lecture: Is Crypto a bubble? A historical perspective

Cryptocurrencies have a new technology that algorithmically protects an asset from the temptations of governments to engage in inflationary financial transactions and from the public to profit through counterfeiting. When the public invests in this class of assets, they must decide whether or not they will change the economy and society. Are the public's decisions made on the basis of some observable and understood fundamentals or are they driven by what John Maynard Keynes described as "waves of optimism and pessimism that are unreasonable"? Eugene N. White, renowned professor of economics at Rutgers University, will talk about these and other questions. After the lecture, which will take place from 4.30 to 6 p.m., all participants are cordially invited to a get-together.

Until June 30: Applications open "Media Rookies" - Award for young journalists

After the premiere of the "Media Rookies" last year, the dfv Mediengruppe 2023 is once again putting young journalists in the spotlight with the Business Media Award. This year's theme is: "Skilled workers desperately needed. What to do when the economy runs out of workers?" The prize is worth a total of 6,000 euros.

6 - 16 November: Sustainable Finance Summit Germany 2023

The Sustainable Finance Summit Germany, the signature event of the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany (GSFCG), comes in a new format in its seventh year. Instead of a one-day conference in Frankfurt am Main, this year's summit will take place between 6 and 16 November as part of various events at different locations in Germany. The cooperative summit concept is organised and supported by various initiatives and actors who all have one thing in common: they are working hard to shape and finance economic structural change in order to ensure sustainability and thus future viability.

Frankfurt Finance Summit

Since 2011, an annual event from the “Frankfurt Finance Summit” series has been held in Frankfurt am Main under the conceptual sponsorship of Frankfurt Main Finance e.V. The Summit addresses members and guests of the initiative: CEOs, CFOs, CROs, central bank representatives, supervisors and regulators from more than 20 countries, who are invited to discuss topics that currently move the finance industry.

2020, the Frankfurt Finance Summit took place as a hybrid event for the first time. In addition to the analog experience on site, a digital livestream offered the opportunity to follow the entire conference program in real time. The speakers were projected onto the stage via streaming and thus virtually integrated into the plenary session. Even participants who could not be on site had the opportunity to ask questions in the virtual plenum and to interact with the panelists and other participants.

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