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Infront-Whitepaper: Focus on ESG transparency

Frankfurt Main Finance member Infront has published a new whitepaper “Focus on ESG transparency: The investment process of the future is sustainable”.

Financial service providers have been caught in the middle for over a decade, with declining revenues and rising costs, limited growth opportunities and fierce competition. The current challenge is ESG – a development that will transform our social and economic existence and thus also have a massive impact on the financial sector.

By integrating ESG data and offering an attractive range of advisory services, financial companies can not only reliably meet regulatory requirements but also position themselves in the market as sustainability-oriented, responsible companies and helping them stand out from the competition. They are, in any case, well advised to combine duty with pleasure when it comes to ESG.

For more guidance on sustainable investment trends, sustainability data, and the impact of ESG regulation on advisory services, read Infront’s latest whitepaper “Focus on ESG transparency”.

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