SDG FinTech-Initiative - sustainability and responsible behaviour in the financial industry

The world is facing enormous ecological challenges. The growing pressure on natural resources is causing serious damage to ecosystems and threatening the lives of millions of people. Internationally, there is a broad consensus on the urgency of decisive action. Many top-down approaches, such as promoting renewable energy and sustainable investment, have been and continue to be very effective. At the same time, there is a growing understanding that such top-down approaches need to be complemented by bottom-up approaches.
The dynamic development and spread of digital technologies offers a great opportunity for such bottom-up approaches. New business models and courageous entrepreneurs are using these technologies to develop solutions to sustainability challenges at home and abroad and to position them successfully in the market. The SDG FinTech Initiative has been founded by start-ups from Frankfurt and Frankfurt Main Finance to build a bridge between the top-down approaches of politics and big industry and innovative bottom-up approaches of start-ups from the international sustainability agenda.

Our goals are:

  • to create a one-stop shop for companies, policy makers, research institutions, NGOs and development organisations to connect and cooperate with start-ups from the international sustainability agenda
  • to promote knowledge exchange between start-ups, with a focus on knowledge exchange between start-ups from developed and emerging markets
  • to strengthen the exchange and links between SDG start-ups and actors in the field of development cooperation and financing
  • to promote EU-wide harmonisation of framework conditions (e.g. EU Capital Markets Union).


The initiative is open to all start-ups whose mission and business model is directly aligned with the achievement of the international Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as to all other interested parties such as business, politics, NGOs and development organisations.

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