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Frankfurt Goes COP28

In the run-up to the COP28 summit in Dubai, Frankfurt Main Finance asked its members what concrete measures they are taking to actively contribute to climate protection in view of the global challenges posed by climate change.

Climate change is at the centre of many of today’s global challenges. These include not only rising temperatures and the associated environmental impacts, but also the complex socio-economic and political consequences. The COP summit, an acronym for “Conference of the Parties”, provides a critical global framework for governments, businesses and organisations to come together to discuss and adopt concrete actions to mitigate climate change.  

In course of this important summit, Frankfurt Main Finance actively asked its members what concrete steps they are already taking or plan to take to actively contribute to climate protection.  

“Frankfurt goes COP” is an initiative that was launched in connection with the COP28 summit in Dubai from 30 November to 12 December 2023. The aim is to make the sustainability efforts of companies in the financial centre of Frankfurt visible and tangible in the context of this global event.  

Find more facts and quotes from our members in the form of a picture gallery in this article. 


Sustainability in business start-ups: Students at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management pitch sustainable business modelsduringthe course of their Bachelor’s degree. WHU is actively engaged in exploring 50 sustainable business models, nurturing 300 potential future climate entrepreneurs, and developing scalable solutions to grand challenges. Dries Faems, Professor for Entrepreneurship at WHU, shares his insights...


Schalast Law | Tax is committed to climate protection throughout the firm. As a climate-neutral company, the firm actively integrates sustainability goals into its legal advice. It has even developed its own “Sustainability Toolkit” in cooperation with the international law firm network “Multilaw“. With a one-year term as chair of the Multilaw Environment & Sustainability Committee, two years as an official UN SDG Ambassador and the integration of sustainable practices, the firm has been carbon neutral for three years. Prof. Dr. Schalast explains further climate protection initiatives of the law firm… 

Stadt Offenbach (WKW)

Offenbach focuses on weather and climate knowledge! The Weather and Climate Workshop (WKW) is an exciting place for all ages – an interactive experience that not only entertains but also conveys the latest scientific findings. This innovative project is part of the city centre’s future concept and reinforces Offenbach’s image as the German Weather City. Britt Baumann, WKW’s project manager and deputy head of Offenbach’s cultural management, gives us an insight. Curious? You can find out more about the project here


Exaloan is revolutionising ESG assessment for SMEs through the use of advanced data models and innovative real-time visualisation. With its ESG products, Exaloan enables financial market players to easily integrate their investment activities in line with the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation. COO Romy Ritter gives an insight into Exaloan’s mission. 


Helaba is committed to regional and sustainable development: by modernising rail transport, Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen is actively supporting the transition to sustainable transport and climate protection. Find out more about Helaba’s project directly from Petra Sandner, Helaba’s Chief Sustainability Officer. 


TechQuartier’s “Green Transformation Incubator,” is a hub of expertise encompassing ESG Management, Sustainable Finance, and Green Real Estate. By facilitating connections between pre-seed and seed-stage startups, business experts, mentors, and industry leaders, participants collaboratively address pivotal challenges and develop solutions for the sustainable finance and real estate sectors. Join TechQuartiers Demo-Day for its Incubator program here


Stadt Offenbach

Offenbach is focusing on sustainable changes in urban design! With the bicycle room, a mini train station and a cable car between Offenbach and Frankfurt, the city of Offenbach is rethinking intermodal mobility and paving the way for a successful traffic turnaround with its concepts. Find out more about the City of Offenbach’s innovative projects. 

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