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Winter is reading time

Now is the time to choose a good book, make a cup of tea or coffee and immerse yourself in another world, be it a non-fiction book or a novel. On an irregular basis, Frankfurt Main Finance presents the books of its members and current reading recommendations. Bain & Company’s books are a collection of the best ideas on strategy, management and organisation and a good read for Advent and Christmas.

Doing Agile Right

Many work processes can be successfully transformed with agile methods. The prerequisite, however, is the right application. In the book, which is among the “Top Ten Technology Books Of 2020” (Forbes), Darrell Rigby, partner at Bain & Company and Harvard Business Review author, and his colleagues Sarah Elk and Steve Berez subject the agile approach to a detailed reality check. They consistently dispel the myths and misunderstandings that accompany the success of agile methods.

The Founder’s Mentality

When asked about the causes of declining turnover and profitability, the managers of these companies rarely cite external factors such as the market or technology. Instead, the reasons for declining growth are predominantly internal: lack of customer contact, too little willingness to take responsibility, complex processes and bureaucracy. These are the findings of the book The Founder’s Mentality by Bain partners Chris Zook and James Allen, who conducted a long-term study on the subject.

Winning in Turbulence

Recessions mean opportunities and risks at the same time. Some companies do not survive them, others are significantly weakened. But some manage to become industry leaders in difficult economic times. What distinguishes the winners from the losers?

In his book Winning in Turbulence, Bain partner Darrell Rigby describes which measures need to be taken in a recession depending on the economic situation of the company.

Lessons from Private Equity Any Company Can Use

In their book Lessons from Private Equity Any Company Can Use, Bain Chairman Orit Gadiesh and Bain Partner Hugh MacArthur explain the principles that the best private equity (PE) funds follow to succeed in their competitive market.

You can find all Bain books here.
We wish you an enjoyable read!

Source: Bain & Company
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