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Eschborn Digitalisation Award 2022

The Economic Development Department of the City of Eschborn is awarding the Eschborn Digitisation Prize for the third time, with a total of 10,000 euros in prize money.

“In the past two years, we have already been able to award six companies from the retail (Quilt Cottage), gastronomy (Heidi & Paul, Walch Catering) and service sectors (Reisebüro Kopp, Alexandras Haarstudio, Ramin Dell – Friseure) for their digital projects,” Mayor Adnan Shaikh is pleased to report. It has been shown that each company deals with the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation in a very individual and creative way.

With this initiative, the Economic Development Agency would like to appreciate the commitment of companies that are already digitally active and motivate them to continue. On the other hand, new starters are to be encouraged to start on the path to digitalisation.

Cost savings, efficiency gains and new sales and communication channels are just some of the benefits of a well-implemented digitalisation strategy. With continuous continuation of the new online ways, an essential step into a future-oriented company management has been taken.

This year, small and medium-sized enterprises in Eschborn from the areas of stationary retail, gastronomy, end consumer-related services (B2C) and crafts are invited to participate. To participate, proof must be provided that the company has implemented at least five digitalisation measures from the following areas:

  • Online visibility
  • Online communication
  • Online sales
  • Online product expansion

The exact conditions of participation and the participation form can be found on the homepage of the City of Eschborn.

Participation is only possible online in the period from Tuesday, 01.11. to Friday, 25.11.2022.

“We are pleased that small and medium-sized enterprises in Eschborn are also innovatively preparing for the future and thus becoming and remaining competitive. With the Digitalisation Award, we want to recognise these efforts,” explains Mayor Adnan Shaikh. “With the annual award, we also want to motivate more companies to go down new digital paths. So even now, a start-up in digitisation can make participation possible,” adds Dong-Mi Park-Shin, Head of Economic Development.

The Eschborn Digitisation Award is part of the Eschborn Digitisation Offensive. Other offers include the Eschborn Digitisation Database, the Digitisation Advice Day in cooperation with RKW Hessen and the Website Check in cooperation with BIEG.


This is an automated translation of the original German press release.
Source: Press release of the City of Eschborn

Cover photo: Unsplash

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