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Eschborn offers innovative ideas and drive – Location Magazine 2020

This year’s bilingual business location magazine Eschborn for Business 2020, published annually by the Frankfurt Main Finance member, pays attention on the topic of change management.

This year’s bilingual business location magazine Eschborn for Business 2020, published annually by the Frankfurt Main Finance member, pays attention on the topic of change management. It focuses on how to deal with accelerated change, as in the case of the current crisis situation with the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, a popular AI champion for the pharmaceutical industry will be presented and Deutsche Börse’s commitment to the region will be outlined.

Collaborating in times of crisis

Protecting citizens’ health while mitigating the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This great challenge has generated great ideas and energy in Eschborn: from a shopping tour in the car, the first lifestyle drive-thru, to a shopping aid initiative “I want to help” launched by Mayor Adnan Shaikh, to bundled information about local companies and offers.

Through the websites of the city, the business development agency and the newly established website “Bleib-in-Eschborn.de”, not only is the recommendation “Stay at home” made, but practical options are also presented according to the motto “Be loyal – buy local”.

Let’s change – Turning Eschborn into a Smart City

“Digitalisation is at the service of humans, not the other way around,” says Eschborn’s new mayor Adnan Shaikh. This applies all the more in times of a pandemic as we are currently going through. Smart City is a project that is particularly close to his heart. What exactly is behind it?

In an interview, Mayor Shaikh reveals his vision of far-sighted urban development. As a so-called Smart City, administrative processes can be simplified and accelerated, making the service more accessible to citizens. The intelligent use of digital technologies of the future can also save costs and conserve resources.

AI champion for pharmaceutical research

Innoplexus AG started around ten years ago as a start-up in Eschborn and created a platform that structures all publicly available knowledge from the life sciences and makes it searchable according to relevance by using block chain technology. This kind of “supergoogle” enables an assessment of how promising a research project on a new medical substance is. Today, the company is the European leader in the development of artificial intelligence – and is in great demand on the stock exchange.

The 37-year-old founder of the high-tech company, Gunjan Bhardwaj, already decided on Eschborn as a suitable location in 2011: “It only takes me twenty minutes to get to the airport from here, which offers great connections to New York and India. The proximity to Frankfurt as a finance hub and pharma companies such as Merck are an added bonus. There’s a lot of e-commerce in Berlin, but the ‘real’ tech companies tend to be in Munich or Frankfurt.”

Committed to the region

One of the world’s top player celebrates its 435th anniversary: The German Stock Exchange. Ten years ago, the company moved its headquarters to Eschborn. An assessment of this by board member Hauke Stars.

Stock exchanges are of particular importance for the economic development in their respective home countries and are also hubs of global financial flows. “By extending its tenancy of “The Cube”, the head offices of Deutsche Börse Group in Eschborn, until 2038 and through the on-going redevelopment of the Frankfurt stock exchange, transforming it into an event and experience area in the heart of Frankfurt for customers and the general public, we are demonstrating our commitment to the region and are grateful for the good relations of trust and partnership.”

The diversity of the city of Eschborn

The magazine offers further complex topics:

  • “Attract and win young talent”
  • “Car sharing: Transparent, efficient and easy”
  • “Ökoprofit: Sustainable cost reduction”
  • “Infrastructure and Modernization”

The Eschborn for Business 2020 issue also covers the topic of leisure activities: Learn more about going out or sports tips in the following articles of the current edition:

  • “Events in Eschborn”
  • “A stone’s throw from the nature reserve”
  • “Sporty at the start”

We wish you an exciting read.

Download the 2020 edition of Eschborn for Business.

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