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Umami: The fifth flavour rediscovered

A cookbook on the subject of umami? Absolutely! The substance that has the image of a flavour enhancer from Asian cuisine is anything but. It is not only a natural component of the human body, but also of many foods.

Heiko Antoniewicz has turned to this fifth taste and shows its potential – the result is an extraordinary cookbook. In over 50 recipes, he proves that umami, in combination with different cooking techniques, helps dishes to acquire new taste components.

Here, dishes are not put together, they are composed and arranged. In doing so, Antoniewicz succeeds in adding components to vegetables, grains, fish, meat and poultry that together create completely new taste experiences in the mouth and on the tongue.

The key is often maturation processes. Long storage and fermentation by microorganisms elicit unknown flavours from the ingredients and allow this incomparable umami taste to really unfold. The food finds its way into the menu as a whole, from the roasted potato skin to the marinated fish skin.

Thus, the revised new edition is an invitation to think anew about cooking, about tasting and about enjoying, in order to rediscover the fifth taste.

The recipes are framed by informative texts on the background and history of the fifth taste and an interview with Heiko Antoniewicz, in which he gives insights into his world of cooking.

Heiko Antoniewicz
UMAMI – Revised new edition

160 pages | 122 recipes | numerous colour photos
28,0 x 29,0 cm | Hardcover
€ 69.90 (D) | € 51.30 (A)
ISBN 978-3-96033-151-3
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Publication date: October 2022

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Photo: Jay Wennington via Unsplash.

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