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Casablanca, Morocco

Since 2018 the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation (MOU) between Casablanca Finance City (CFC) and Frankfurt Main Finance enriches both financial centres through the advantages of their close and continuing collaboration.

The MOU’s purpose is to share knowledge and best practice in the field of green and sustainable finance and fintech, as well as the mutual exchange of information and expertise from which both parties can benefit.

Casablanca Finance City is an African financial and business center committed the continent’s future founded in 2010. CFC is uniquely located and equipped to connect international investors with other business hubs and markets around the world. CFC’s 200 members operate in 50 African countries, across sectors including banking and insurance, asset management and private equity, consultancies, telecommunications, energy, consumer products and hospitality.

Not only Frankfurt has recognized the great potential of Africa’s economy as the next global growth driver but also 14 other international financial centres across Europe, Asia, GCC and North America have built up comparable partnerships with the CFC. However, there are more than only financial benefits of engaging in the prospering business environment of Morocco.

Between modern economic metropolis and historical cultural centre

The city located at the Atlantic coast is the second largest in the country and probably the most popular one because of the cult film from 1942 of the same name. Casablanca enjoys a unique geostrategic position and therefore represents the ideal gateway to a potential market of nearly one billion customers.

As it is Morocco’s most important commercial and industrial centre, the city comes with the country’s major airport. The Greater Casablanca region is also rich in terms of human resources, representing 20 % of the national population. Through the location of three universities, young qualified people in all areas of activity gather together and boost the dynamic region even more.

Regarding tourist numbers, Casablanca is one of the most visited destinations among other popular cities like Marrakesh. It offers its visitors 360 km coastline, moderate climate and gorgeous beaches. The city’s main tourist attraction is the Hassan II Mosque which is the seventh largest in the world. It has a lot to offer for locals as well as international tourists: take a stroll along the picturesque seafront, explore Casablanca’s old city district Medina, and shop at the bustling Marche Central. Morocco has been at the crossroads of trade routes for centuries, which has translated to an international outlook, a warm Mediterranean coastal climate and a unique lifestyle.

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