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The financial centres of Frankfurt and Chengdu sign a joint Memorandum of Understanding

Frankfurt Main Finance and the China Innovation Finance Institute Chengdu signed a joint declaration of intent to strengthen Sino-German cooperation in the financial sector.

Chengdu, November 21, 2023 – The financial centre initiative Frankfurt Main Finance (FMF) and the China Innovation Finance Institute | Chengdu (CDIFI) intend to work more closely together in the future. To this end, the Director of CDIFI, Calvin Chenggang Fu, and the Managing Director of Frankfurt Main Finance, Andreas Glänzel, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to this effect in Chengdu on November 19, 2023.

The memorandum serves to strengthen the Sino-German cooperation in the financial sector. The CDIFI will support FMF in further establishing Frankfurt as one of the world’s leading financial centres and promote its strategies in the financial markets in Greater China, especially in Western China. FMF supports Chengdu’s development into a leading financial centre in Western China.

To this end, the two financial centre initiatives will organize joint training courses, conferences and other activities to increase market awareness and media presence of both financial centres. In addition, CDIFI and FMF will cooperate on research and thought leadership articles.

“We are very honored and pleased to sign this groundbreaking MOU with FMF, which will not only benefit two cities in achieving their goals in developing a leading financial centre for each country and region, but also greatly facilitate the companies in exploring the markets of each other. Starting from this MOU and the joint efforts behind it, we believe the government, industry and financial sector of Western China will have more new financial and investment collaboration with Frankfurt, the leading international financial centre with world-class financial service and ecosystem. We believe this milestone effort will lead to much solid outcomes in diversified areas of the very near future.”

“The Frankfurt financial centre would like to thank the China Innovation Finance Institute Chengdu for the excellent cooperation. The mutual support in a broad range of topics is the right step to further advance our profile as leading financial centres.”

Both parties are aiming for a long-term and in-depth partnership covering many areas of the financial sector.

About China Innovation Finance Institute

China Innovation Finance Institute | Chengdu was established in 2022 with the approval of Chengdu City Financial Regulatory Commission and registration with Chengdu Civil Authorities.

The institute conducts high-quality research on innovative finance, innovative investment and innovative economy, promotes the construction of the western financial center and the development of the “Belt and Road” financial service center in Chengdu in a scientific, systematic and practical way. Furthermore, it promotes cooperation in innovative finance and innovative investment with the world’s major international financial centers and international innovation centers. More about the institute at www.cdifi.org.cn.

About Frankfurt Main Finance

Since 2008, Frankfurt Main Finance has been the financial centre initiative of the leading financial centre in Germany and the euro zone. Its more than 75 members include the State of Hesse, the cities of Frankfurt and Eschborn, numerous well-known financial market players and their service providers as well as private and public universities. Frankfurt Main Finance offers its members a platform for contacts in the world of finance and politics to realise ideas in the financial centre with partners, to initiate business with other financial centres for high quality events on topical issues, to support effective and sustainable public relations, and to effectively promote Frankfurt as a financial centre. To learn more about Frankfurt Main Finance, visit https://frankfurt-main-finance.com/en/ or our Linkedin Page.

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