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Fincite WealthTech Radar 2024

In the second edition of the WealthTech Radar, 24 market experts provide an in-depth analysis of the most important investment and technology trends in wealth management.

Traditional banks and financial service providers are facing a major challenge: while the number of asset classes has multiplied in recent years, customers are demanding guidance and high-quality advice. At the same time, new self-execution business models are constantly emerging that offer a first-class digital user experience for a fraction of the fees and are thus steadily gaining market share. In the second edition of the WealthTech Radar, 24 financial and tech experts analyse the most important trends in wealth management, divided into three categories: Asset Classes, Services and Infrastructure.

22 Trends

Which products find their way into strategic asset allocation in wealth management? Which asset classes promise the greatest potential?

The radar provides an overview of the 24 most relevant trends in wealth management, including: Crypto, Private Eyuity / Venture Capital, Fractional Stocks, Private Debt, Alternative Asset Market Place, AI, Personalised Indexing, Social Trading, Digital Custody and many more.

3 Categories

In order to maintain an overview of the most important developments at all times, the radar categorises all trends into three broad categories:

  1. Asset classes: Digital Products, Crypto Assets, Private Debt, Real Estate and many more.
  2. Services: AI, ESG regulations, personalised indexing, SAA & portfolio optimisation and much more.
  3. Infrastructure: Asset Management as a Service, Aasset Tokenisation and much more

4 Stages

After months of research, the Fincite editorial team analysed each trend in detail and, together with the co-authors, classified them into the following four maturity levels:

  1. Idea Stage: Trends are thought experiments or visions.
  2. Innovation Stage: The first start-ups or offerings are formed on the market.
  3. Growth Stage: The first market players prove themselves and record strong growth.
    Commodity Stage: Services that have already established themselves in the mass market.

Fincite WealthTech Radar 2024

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