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Guangzhou, China

Not only the City of Frankfurt formed a partnership with the Chinese metropolis Guangzhou but also the both financial centre initiatives signed an agreement on future cooperation in 2019.

In the Memorandum of Strengthening Communication and Cooperation between Guangzhou Municipal Local Financial Supervision and Administration and Frankfurt Main Finance, both parties emphasize that their main concern is the economic development and mutual support of the financial centres by making the best use of their networks and locational advantages. Moreover, the agreement includes sharing information, participating in each other’s green industries and Fintech infrastructure, exchanging talent, and helping domestic companies to start doing business in the respective allied financial hub.

While the City of Frankfurt upholds a strong sister city relationship and student exchange with the City of Guangzhou since 1988, the both financial centre organizations joined forces in 2019. The capital of the Guangdong province has long been the main hub for European goods in China, and like Frankfurt in Europe, Guangzhou remains one of the most important financial and trading centres in Asia.

panorama bild der skyline von guangzhou, blick auf wolkenkratzer der stadt vor lila-gelbem sonnenuntergang

The port city of southern China is home to the famous Cantonese cuisine

As the origin of the ancient Chinese Maritime Silk Road, China’s third-biggest city has been a strategically important city for centuries due to its location on the Pearl River and its proximity to Hong Kong. In terms of transportation, the city is optimally connected to the rest of China and the world through various ports, an international airport and several railroad stations. Besides a well-organized transportation infrastructure, the city is home to numerous universities and high-tech companies that attract young graduates and scientific workers, driving further the population growth of this highly urbanized region.

More than 2000 years old, the city offers a wide range of attractions that reflect the historical cultural heritage as well as the vibrant modernity of the metropolis. The so called Eight Sights of Guangzhou are a collection of the eight most famous buildings and landmarks in the city. The Canton Tower is one of them, which is the city’s landmark and China’s tallest TV tower at a height of 600 m, from where visitors can enjoy the top view over the whole city. Another popular site is the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, which is nowadays used as a folk museum, but was originally built as a huge ancient temple in the late 19th century.

An important part of Guangzhou’s culture is the local Cantonese cuisine: food-lovers will find more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in China. Fuelled by the economic development, visitors are offered a seemingly endless variety of dishes – an internationally renowned one is Dim Sum. As part of a comprehensive cultural policy plan, the city plans to increase the number of its libraries and museums many times over by 2035, as prospects for newer creative industries look promising.

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