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Financial Centers Tokyo and Frankfurt deepen partnership

The Financial Center Initiative Frankfurt Main Finance (FMF) and FinCity.Tokyo want to consolidate their partnership. Therefore, both institutions agreed upon a joint statement today in Tokyo. The consulting firm McKinsey will accompany the cooperation as a knowledge partner.

The key focus for the two years of the collaboration will be on the sustainable transformation of the economy and the stabilization of logistics. The financial centers want to work together to enhance resilience and transparency of global supply chains leveraging FinTech solutions and promoting ESG disclosure in a holistic manner.

Hiroshi Nakaso, Chairman of FinCity.Tokyo, commented: “Strengthening supply chain finance through DX is an essential step to accelerate the green transformation towards carbon neutrality. We are excited to collaborate with Frankfurt Main Finance, who shares enthusiasm and value in bringing this project forward. The partnership will hopefully contribute to a successful transformation to ensure sustained global economic growth.”

Gerhard Wiesheu, President of Frankfurt Main Finance: “The willingness to cooperate, to learn from each other and to adapt developed solutions to one’s own requirements is, in my opinion, the most promising way to solve the problems of our time. We are pleased and proud to have found such a level-headed as well as smart partner in FinCity Tokyo. And we hope that our joint statement will once be regarded as the starting point for a fruitful and mutually satisfactory cooperation.”

Max Flötotto, Senior Partner and leader of the Banking Practice in Germany and Austria at McKinsey & Company, commented: „We are extremely excited to contribute to the partnership between FM Finance and FinCity Tokyo as a knowledge partner. Over the last years we have extensively supported many of our clients in the areas of ESG, strengthening of supply chains and sustainability reporting. And we have built a holistic ESG perspective with our flagship research report „Net Zero Germany“. We will contribute both our expertise from client services as well our extensive research insights into the partnership and are looking forward to a successful cooperation.“

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About Frankfurt Main Finance

Frankfurt Main Finance was founded in 2008 as the voice of the financial center Frankfurt in Germany and the Eurozone. Frankfurt Main Finance has 75 members, including the state of Hesse, the cities of Frankfurt and neighbouring Eschborn and Offenbach, numerous well known financial market players and their service providers, as well as private and public universities and research institutions. More about the Financial Centre Initiative and its members at www.frankfurt-main-finance.com.

About FinCity.Tokyo

FinCity.Tokyo was established in 2019. Counting 49 members, including financial institutions, operating companies, industry groups and government agencies, the organization aims to boost the attractiveness of Tokyo’s financial markets and raise its profile as a top-class global financial city, while conducting various promotional activities through private–public partnerships. Detailed information on FinCity.Tokyo can be found at https://fincity.tokyo/en/.

About McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm committed to helping organizations create Change that Matters. In more than 130 cities and 65 countries, our teams help clients across the private, public and social sectors shape bold strategies and transform the way they work, embed technology where it unlocks value, and build capabilities to sustain the change. Not just any change, but Change that Matters – for their organizations, their people, and in turn society at large.

Detailed information on McKinsey can be found at https://www.mckinsey.com/.

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