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Consumers Demand a Rethink on Globalisation

Member, Sustainable Finance, TOP-NEWS

For their new study “The Way Back Home”, Oliver Wyman and gfu Consumer & Home Electronics GmbH each surveyed more than 1,000 people from five major economies about their consumption behaviour of electrical household appliances and consumer electronics.

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Companies fear increasing cyber attacks


The e-crime study by FMF member KPMG shows that the mail server is the most attractive target in companies and that untrained employees favour vulnerability.

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Gender Diversity: The Pains and Gains of Germany’s FinTechs

FinTech, FinTech

A short study conducted by the Berlin Finance Initiative on gender diversity shows that Germany’s FinTech scene has a lot catching up to do. The result: talent pools are not being optimally exploited.

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The future of investment research

Financial Centre, News

“The speed of change has never been faster. To keep up, both buy-side and sell-side firms must be ready to take action. But where should...
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